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  1. Sreehari says:

    Thanks piyush for your reply. I am not interested in I20 as i already have a sedan from Hyundai stable and as said by many auto gurus most of the hyundai cars lack the steering feedback (they are just numb). The i20 suffers from Steering column rattling and AC problems. Knowing all these issues forces me to distant myself from hyundai (this is just my view and not to hurt any hyundai fans).

    piyush, can you do a comparo of punto 90HP with Figo TDCI.

  2. Well srihari ur list is very big..lets go one by one..
    1. Grande punto vs I20 (diesel 90 Bhp)

    But we have to pick one..

    1. PERFORMANCE– u hv asked to compare diesel engines. Comparison ends right is the leader in diesel engines and their MJD engines are superior than any diesel as matter of fact.

    2.COMFORT–i20 is much more spacious than the punto,,has better interiors with better quality plastics..

    3.MILEAGE–You will get more or less the same mileage i.e. 15+ in city..Though punto will give slightly more because of less kerb weight and with same BHP of both engines. But than lot depends on driving so can be considered similar on this parameter

    4.SAFETY–Both cars have good safety features in higher variants..
    Diesel Engine – Fiat MJD engines are the most reliable/popular choice. This engine infact changed peoples perspective on diesel cars.

    Looks – I know looks are subjective – but punto has timeless looks – even after 5 years you would not tier with her looks and she will still look the best.

    Driving dynamics – Punto the steering has better feedback and the handling is really outstanding. i20 is more sedate and is not exactly fun to drive; the steering feedback is missing.

    Fiat customer service was rated second is the just concluded JD survey – so keeping to rest all ASS concerns.

    Punto among the two is a drivers car. TD it to feel its superior drive.

    See again if ur looking for a city car and not much about driving pleasure than I 20 i guess is better because of more space and plushy interiors.

  3. naren says:

    I have seen the launch of toyota etios sedan today. Seems its good value for money, though looks are not very attractive (looks are ok).

    I have one general question. Toyota claims ARAI tested mileage of around 17.5 KMPL.
    How much can we expect the real mileage in city (Bangalore) given
    ARAI claim of 17.5 overall?
    Kerb weight being 915 kg?

    I understand we can’t come to conclusion, but can you guess based on ARAI’s test results and your experience ?

  4. divyesh says:

    very good work…… !!!!….keep it up…..

    • Sreehari says:

      Excellent work. I would like to hear a comparative study on the premium diesel hatch segment. when googled there are number of sites available which compares these premium hatchback cars but i feel they are biased towards i20 because of its soaring sales figures. I would wish to see the comparo from Automate4u expert team.

      Once again a very good work.

      • automate4u says:

        Hi Sreehari,
        Can you please tell us exactly what comparison (what parameters) you require and also which cars so that we can help you?

      • Sreehari says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        i would like to hear comparison on cars listed below
        1. Grande punto mjd 75 and 90 BHP
        2. i20 CRDI
        3. figo 1.4 TDCI
        4. polo and skoda fabia 1.2 diesel engine.
        and parameters for comparison include
        1. technical aspects
        2. price
        3. ASS
        4. features included in each car
        5. handling
        6. rear seat comfort for highway travel

        Thank you

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