New Hyundai Fluidic Verna test drive review

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Car reviews
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It has been less than a year since the old Verna gave way to a new Verna Transform and now inside a year, it has been replaced with the all new Fluidic Verna. If the initial transformation from a chubby look to a cartoonish car has failed to create any ripples, the new fluidic ‘transformed’ Verna could be very much the new sensation in the segment and set markets ablaze, not just by the looks, but also by the package it has to offer.
Looks has never been the strength of Verna or of any Hyundai car for that matter, and till now Verna had clocked decent numbers owing to its sheer performance. But the new car in its brand new avatar is a real head turner and can be easily judged as the best looking car in its segment now. The front boasts of the trapezoidal grille and headlamps that has been synonymous with the Hyundai cars worldwide and with the new i10 in India. But the main factor that differentiates it form the i10 is its curves making it look extremely more muscular than the tame front face of the i10.

The curves that start from both sides of the bumper extend all along the sides and converge at the rear, gives the car much more character than any of its competition on road. The panel gaps are minimal and the fit and finish levels are one of the best, except for the gap between the bonnet and the bumper, which is noticeable even from a distance. The smart new fog lamps with chrome tailing and the curves on the side mirrors speak volumes of the attention to detailing that has gone into the development of the car. The rear styling is also spot on with lots of curves, sweeping tail lamps, integrated spoilers and dual chrome exhausts.

Get inside the car and you will be in for a little surprise. It looks and feels more luxurious and premium than the outgoing Verna and many other cars around and combined with brilliant dual tone interiors and perforated leather seats and door trims, easily classifies as one of the best interiors in the segment. But what came as a disappointment was that the interiors look comparatively rounded and does not gel well with the car’s exterior image. But Hyundai has done well to maintain the flow lines similar to the exterior even inside the cabin as well, flowing uninterrupted from the dash to the floor console. Save the steering wheel, every bit looks different from the other Hyundais around, unlike competitors like Maruti and VW, where it is hard to distinguish cars based on interior looks. The leaf shaped aircon vents and the soft touch plastics on the dash make it all the more unique and so is the seat and door trim fabric, which add to the premium flair. Despite a 70mm increase in overall length and wheel base, there seems to be less improvement in terms of the space inside, which may also be due to the odd seating position especially at the rear, with the hip at a low level and the knees at a very high level, thereby reducing the seat comfort significantly making the seats feel like a pit. The seats at the front are marginally better, but could have got a bit more of thigh support. But, it is in terms of number of storage spaces inside and the huge boot, the Verna can be considered one of the best.

Feature wise too, the car is heavily loaded with the top variant getting many first in class features like side and curtain airbags, rear disc brakes, smart keys, rear parking sensors, electrically foldable mirrors and cluster ionizer.
Drive the car around and you quickly realize its true potential. The old diesel engine was known to be a real monster, and the new 1.6 litre diesel one is quite a beast. Step on the gas, and it leaps forward with only minimal turbolag. Acceleration is brisk, like the old Verna, but the power delivery is much more linear and is effortless to drive, and with adequate power available even in low rpm, driving in city has improved much. The noise level inside the cabin is also very low. The gearshift is slick and precise and can be considered to be the best in its class, much like Hyundai’s own Getz prime, known for its gear shift. The suspension continues to be soft like the outgoing Verna, and is good on even highways, except for a little bit of waviness and small impacts. It is on rough roads that the suspension actually gets slightly aggressive, transferring the impacts to the cabin, making it a bit uncomfortable. The steering too, like other Hyundais is soft and good to drive especially in city traffic. But, overtaking on highways and on bends, the steering can be a bit vague, reducing the confidence by making the car a bit wayward. Add to it the body roll, and it takes another point away from the car’s handling. The braking can also only be termed as decent, despite the presence of rear discs and ABS.
As was the case with the old Verna, the new car is strong in terms of engine performance and has a good amount of features hitherto unheard in its class. Also the styling has improved considerably making it one of the most aspirational midsize sedans in India. Had the rear seat comfort and space been slightly better and the car get better driving dynamics so as to use the tremendous horse power on offer, it could have very well given the Vento and SX4 diesel a run for its money.


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  1. ssmahant says:

    please wait for chevy sail which is going to be launched in the end of 2011.
    i advice u to go to other brand than hundai which has many inside unknown
    manufacturing defects.

  2. jacobjohnm says:



    Interior (Features, Space & Comfort)

    Front seats are too low to be of comfort

    Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox


    Ride Quality & Handling

    Ground clearence is too low. You are always tense while driving about the humps and gutters on the Indian roads. You do not always ride on the highways; that too have un-predictable gutters.

    Excellent while riding on the smooth highways.

    Excellent power and you can relax your legs on the long drives. I drove it for an hour continuously.

    Final Words

    I was very thrilled and was planning to book one after reading the initial write-ups on the auto magazines and their e-brochure. I badly needed a replacement for my Accent CRDi that is faithfully serving me for last 5 years. It never got me in to any breakdown troubles so far.

    But I was totally dis-heartened when the bottom center hit at the first lowest hump where even my Santron and Accent CRDi does not even mind! I was test driving on my regular route from home to office.

    Also felt like sitting on the car-floor with the too low positioned front seats. The suspension is tooo soft; hence the first problem. Both these points are important to me since I drive quite a lot on my Accent.

    It would have been nice to name it as ‘Fluidic’ instead of the failure ‘Verna’. Hyundai should have learned from the success of the Accent and the way they had to bring it back to the market. The main success of the Accent variant are its comfortable seating position and the ground clearence.

    I have decided to wait for a few months to see whether Hyundai is going to do something about these points. Otherwise may opt for Renault Fluence.

    Areas of improvement

    Increase the ground clearance.

    Increase the seat height or provide a facility to pump UP the seat.

    Would have loved if the front seats were power adjustable at least on the top variants.

    Everything else is excellent.

  3. Nikhil Raj says:

    I m just crazzy for this car…………………………..

  4. Senthil says:

    There’s no delivery confirmation from the dealer. Initially they quoted the delivery of 4 to 6 weeks, now no information.

  5. ajith says:

    Nice review…
    btw can you please tell about the AC system performance of the new Verna?
    I was planning to purchase one, but heard that new gen i10 had some problems with AC cooling initially.
    Does the verna have any such problems?

    • i am a bit confused between VW Vento and Verna Fluidic…can u please suggest the better out of the two regarding to the ride quality. Also which car is much stable and safe at very high speed…since i usually drive on highways?

      • automate4u says:

        In terms of ride quality, the Vento is definitely the better one, having a much more stable suspension. Verna tends to get bouncy during highway driving, and can be uncomfortable. Also the steering in Verna is over responsive and can make controlling the car difficult at highway speeds.

    • automate4u says:

      @ajith There are no problems in the AC of the new Verna and its cools the cabin pretty fast. The problem was there only in the initial lots of i10 i guess and that was sorted out soon.

      • Pranay K says:

        In terms of interiors and a car over all, which one do u think is a better car?? Vento or a Verna? this shall be my third car and shall be the most premium one.

      • automate4u says:


        In terms of premiumness and build quality, the Vento scores over the Verna, but the Verna has more stylish interior of the two.

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