A2 Segment Discussions

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Discussion Forum
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Put up all your queries related to any hatch back car and get comments and advices from fellow readers. Also you can post your experiences with your car for everyone. A place to share every thing regarding Indian hatches.

  1. Srinivas says:

    For 1,2 and 3 my choice is new fabia.Iam not sure about No.4

  2. automate4u says:

    Just a starter from our side…
    Which car do you think in the premium hatch segment is the best in
    1. Looks
    2. Quality
    3. Premium feel
    4. Value for money

    and why???

    • 本田 says:

      Its the BRIO dude….
      The design is simply amazing, Most unique & Stylish…. and the back door looks AWESOME… I love it. Never seen something like this….
      Gr8 part is that the concept and the near production model shown are VERY similar…. Only Honda can do this!!!! (Really disappointed to see A-Star Production car after seeing the reasonable good Concept Car).

      Anyway, looking at the near future, I think BRIO will be perfect Stylo Hatch for me and for every dude out there…. Hmmm, about Etios Liva… I think more old and conservative people will go for it…

      Now lets have a check on your prameters:
      Looks: BRIO’s the Best
      Quality: Honda is the Best
      Premium Feel: Honda Again
      Value for money: If the stylo comes at 5 lacs, i think it will be a real value for money. (and if it comes below that (GOD Please… ), it will be a Steal Deal)

      Just waiting to have my hands on this car….

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