Posted: October 28, 2010 in News & Updates
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With the launch of the much-hyped India-specific model Etios
just weeks away, these are tense moments for the Japanese car giant Toyota Motor

“The success of the Etios is very critical for Toyota’s success. We have never developed
a car as small as this and we will not do anything smaller than this. It is absolutely
important that we succeed with the Etios,” Yukitoshi Funo, Executive VP and member of
the board for Toyota Motor, told visiting Indian journalists.

The Japanese carmaker has chosen to launch the sedan first in December and then its
compact hatch Etios three months later.

The Toyota management is leaving no stone unturned to shed its high-cost image as it
enters the most price-sensitive market in the world.

Right from appointing musical genius A R Rahman as Etios brand ambassador to
increasing its dealer footprint to 150 across the country from 82 in 2008, the Etios, which
has already seen an investment of Rs 3,200 crore, will drive in with more hope for Toyota
than any other launch globally.

“To begin with our focus for Etios will only be India. Next year we might manufacture it
in Brazil,” Funo added.

“It has been a challenge to build quality at a lower price,” Hiroshi Nakagawa, MD of
Toyota’s India unit, said in an interview in Bangalore to a news agency. “The Indian car
market is one of the toughest markets in the world. Customers and car owners are very

To be driven in initially with a localization level of 70% in order to remain cost
competitive, Toyota plans to start engine and transmission parts production in India by
2012. Till then the power train would be imported and mounted on Etios. The company is
also seriously looking at a diesel engine for Etios.

Rajesh Chandramouli
The Economic Times (Web Edition)

  1. Sudipta Kumar Gogoi says:

    I wonder what would be the estimated price of the sedan…its looks are striking… 🙂

  2. DRG says:

    Any news on launch of Etios Sedan diesel and what is expected price ?

    • automate4u says:

      Etios is coming in a diesel version as well, but the details are not yet revealed… it will take some time after teh launch of petrol variant, and should cost at least Rs 1 lakh more than the petrol one.

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