What is ENCAP all about???

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Car Safety ratings-ENCAP
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For cars tested before 2009, Euro NCAP has released three ratings: adult protection, child occupant and pedestrian protection. The ratings for adult protection and child protection are achieved as a result of three impact tests that Euro NCAP carries out: frontal, side and pole test. Euro NCAP carries out a separate range of pedestrian tests to reach the score of the Pedestrian Rating. Euro NCAP chooses these types of tests to cover the range of accidents form some of the dominant causes of serious and fatal injuries. In addition, Euro NCAP rewards cars for having an intelligent seatbelt reminder as part of the adult protection rating.

Post 2009, Euro NCAP only releases one overall star rating for each car tested with a maximum of five stars. This overall safety rating is composed of scores in four areas: adult protection, child protection, pedestrian protection and safety assist. The overall score is calculated by weighing the four scores with respect to each other, while making sure that not one area is underachieving. The underlying dynamic tests are identical to those before 2009, except for the addition of a test for Whiplash neck injury protection in rear impact. Also, Euro NCAP now rewards not only Seatbelt reminders, but also Speed Limiters and the standard fitment of Electronic Stability Control.

The details of the test will be explained in the subsequent posts…


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