Skoda Fabia launched…A review

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Car reviews
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With the experience of Tata Aria visit still fresh in my mind, I was in a dilemma when I was asked to visit the showroom to have a first hand experience of the new Fabia. The reason was simple-with the kind of regard I had for the old Fabia, I didn’t want to see a stripped down version and change the image I had in my mind of the first true luxury hatch in India. But, I was left with no choice and had to go to check her out.

One first look at the car and I slightly felt comfortable. The car, though cheap by around 70k compared to the previous avatar, did not look as bad as I had expected. Instead, the fresh new face, with the wider peeled headlamps and bold new grille and the monstrous looking fog lamps, gave it a character, like some of its higher priced siblings. The flow lines from the sides of the bonnet gel with the upper grille so well, and looked inviting. The lower grille had also received fair amount of makeup, and with the low air dam at front, the car gave an impression of a toned up version of the old Fabia. The car length has also been increased by 8 mm and comes quite close to the line of control between a compact and an entry mid car. The height has also, gone up by 8mm, and the ground clearance by 12mm, which is…huge. Skoda seems to have learnt from the previous experiences with the old Fabia, which never spared a decent speed breaker on its path. The new alloys give it a much bolder stance. But, what came as a shock to me was the fact that Skoda has done away with the elegant sunroof atop the old car. Also the rear wiper as also nowhere to be seen, thanks to the cost lowering exercises. But overall, the car appeared sleek and better poised than the old Fabia. Truly Fab, is it?

To answer the question, we stepped inside and was greeted by the same familiar cabin that had taken its place in the old Fabia. Everything were pretty much the same and I was happy the car had not lost its charm owing to cost reduction. Every single panel looked as it was born to fit inside and the kind of build quality that is associated with a Skoda is still very much alive in the new Fabia as well. The steering looked same as before, but the dials of the speedo and odometer were tinkered with. The two spoke needles were replaced by new single spoke ones, and also the quality of the console was also a bit below the old car. It was then I noticed some change in the music system and controls. The old system with a big knob at centre gives way to a new system, with twin knobs and switches all around.  A welcome addition was an Aux-in port and a power outlet on the floor console. The overall interior conveyed an impression of high quality standards, and I could hardly find any part that could give me a proof of the frugal cost reduction done in the car. New features include pinch guard protection on all four power windows and a 3 way adjustable parcel shelf, but the best of the lot was the vents for rear cooling given under the front seats. Skoda, has definitely put in a lot of thinking in to this hatch to make it better appealing to the Indian buyers.

Then came the next big step, a test drive. I was thrilled. But, my happiness was short lived as I was informed that the car could not be taken out on the highway owing to the incomplete registration process. I had to satisfy myself with a ride around the park. I started the diesel motor and waited for the thrums of the engine. But, the wait never seemed to end. I was surprised to find that the car was quite silent as compared to its predecessor, which was regarded as a luxury tractor on road. I engaged the gear and the car leaped forward. The throttle response was brisk and the steering, responsive enough. But the steering was not as light compared to some other cars, and I had a not so good time reversing and parking. The ride also appeared decent on the broken roads and had a comfy feel.  The brakes when applied, feels lost for a while, but comes to your rescue all of a sudden, creating a slight panic feeling.

Overall, the car, in its new avatar has made a complete turn around. Offering almost all features as its competition, and quite aggressively priced, I feel this car will be a true game changer for Skoda. Truly Fab…it is…

  1. Xaviere says:

    Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped
    me out a lot. I hope to present something back and aid others like
    you aided me.

  2. GP says:

    Hello all

    I went to service station last week and following are the Update on some of my issues:.

    1. When the AC is switched On or OFF, there is a audible (from inside as well) Click / Tick noise from the blower
    even when the vehicle is standstill.
    I was told that its magnetic operation and its available in all Fabia. Is that true?

    2. Same thing while the car is switched ON near the speedo and there is a slight Vibration in the steering.
    This is not occurring now.

    3. There is a rattle in the left front windows while downing it.
    They changed this whole part using warranty.

    5. Glove box is not getting lit when opened.
    This is available and Rectified.

    6. No Gear Indicator in Ambiente Petrol
    I was told that its only in ambiente diesel and high end

    Wish List – it wud hv been there:

    1.They could hv provided the rear handles & rear PW for few more thousands extra. I do not know wht made them to remove this from basic list for meagre amt of cost cutting.
    Rear handles are available for Rs.1k each. Rear PW costs some 16k each, so no point in thinking abt it.


    • vishwanath says:

      Hello GP , thanks for service feedback ,

      yes it is quite audible whan AC on/off that tik click noise in my HTP ambiente also as yours , now my car moved 3K on speedo , where it was not audiable when at first 1500 kms than it is happening ,got cleared by you no worry now

      well you got all facts serviced , good luck

      yes i agree with you for last point , no handels at roof in ambiente for 1K each is not so economical , we can live without that dont worry

      no power window at rare no matter for fabia it is good if we close all windows , for better interior life , take like this way


  3. pdp says:

    Hi All,

    I have booked Fabia TDI Ambiente after a lot of research and would be getting the car delivered in a week. I was looking for a HU for my car as the Ambiente does not come with a music system integrated with it. I have read some people fitting Witson HUs in their Polo/Ventos and was curious to know if the same can be fitted in the Fabia also. Basically I wanted to know if the HU slot in Polo and Fabia are exactly same in dimension or not. If yes then will there be any difference in the connections etc in both of these.

    • vishwanath says:

      hi @ PDP , welcome to the club , good choice to get fabia ambient TDi , as mine is ambiente HTP , i am very happy ,

      this model dosent come wit audiosystem inbuilt , it is good , you can put you own HU choice as OEM system do not have bluetooth connectivity and usb , only point haveing is AUX

      i really dont know about witson HUs , so i cant comment on that

      but what i installed in my car is SONY mex-bt3850u witch has all above features , may be you need to search for any other good HU s accoding to your requirement


      • pdp says:

        Hi Vishwanath, thanks for your reply. Maybe I will also go with a 1 DIN player but I have doubt if it will fit properly without leaving a gap. Are you satisfied with the fitting of your music system in the slot provided in the Fabia Ambiente? Are there any gaps visible around the player?

    • AMIT SAINI says:

      Hey pdp,

      i have a FABIA (Ambi) diesel since the last nine months… i have also got myself a PIONEER HU with 6 speakers instaled in my car and it does fit very nicely as its a standard 1DIN slot ,also if you look carefully you will see that in the FABIA it makes more sense to fit a 1 DIN HU as there is a small space below the HU where u can keep ur KNICK KNACKS and it can be used as a storage to keep stuff.

      there is a lot of variety in the market u can choose a music system that suits your taste and budget.

      • vishwanath says:

        rightly said by @ AMIT SAINI , a single din audio player will suit very well and there is no gaps inbetween the DIN and HU , mine is sony mex 3850u , it is very well suited , and i heard PIONEER HU s are also a good for audio quality , you can get a very good HU reseach , and post you feedback , thanks

      • pdp says:

        Thanks Amit and Vishwanath. Now even I am inclined towards a 1 DIN good HU instead of trying some chinese stuff for the looks and then regret later.

  4. Hi,

    I am looking for a Diesel Hatch, ventured into Fabia, Swift, Micra and FIGO. Actually I am confused. If i see the features, I feel the FIGO is the best. But overall, I would like to buy Fabia TDI (Ambi). But the things which is holding me back is:

    1. The missing integrated music system. Does the dealer fit that?
    2. What know whats there in the instrument cluster for Ambi
    3. Lastly I need remote entry/exit, can that be provided by the dealer

    • vishwanath says:

      if you want want to get fabia ambi , then it is a good buy , compared to other hatchback

      well what you do with intigrated music system , go for any good HU on open market , if you still want to get OEM HU , then it can be done by the dealer but , thay may cut your pocket , price is so high say arround 25 K

      yes another thing you may install remote key genuine one from the dealer , from skoda it cost you arround 9K , if you go for after market remote key , it may cost you 3 K , but pls dont go for that , as thay are not quality products

      • Thanks Vishwanath,

        I checked with the dealer, regarding the remote, they said its for 9 K, and the music system starts from 6k onwards, but thats there in the workshop, not in showroom. Secondly, can you please tell me whats there is MF DISPLAY in AMBI

      • vishwanath says:

        hi Subrato Das Gupta, in ambi , not much of info displayed , it only displays
        fuel guage,
        trip meter ,
        time ,
        outside claimate readings ,
        and finally the service remained kms

        where as other elegence model displays more than that

  5. JK says:

    What mileage does diesel version gives?

  6. Kiran says:

    1.i was really missing of FOG lamps , i asked the dealer about the price and he said for fog lamps , i need to pay 16000/- rs is tis is correct , i read that you posted some 9000 rs for fog lamps are thay are genuine or other brand?, if it is correct then how i have to approch with them ,

    ==>> Fog lamps even i felt in love .. i have same car as urs.. go for original ones as they are unbeaten in class


    and i am missing alloy wheels also , so i am gioing crazy about alloys , my dealer qouted the price of each alloy is 4500 rs , and he buyback the present wheels for some 3000 rs , is it justifible , to buy alloy , can we get even cheaper alloy in market ? for fabia, if yes , the how to choose the good quality alloy , please help me ,

    ==> that’s sounds good deal in case 1.5 k extra per wheel


    in ambi modle , the interior handles on sealing one is present and other are are not provided , in elegence all 4 handels are there , is this true that in ambi , why other three are missing , how to get those , or i need to pay for that ?

    ===> u do not need them .. don’t worry about them

    4 , in my car there is no music player , so ineed to by a good player only front speakers are present , i want to add another two at back , if possible woofer also , so can you give the idea for good audio system , under 15 K ,

    ===> go for 2 din as it will looks good .. many options are in market chooose by testing the music qulity
    seat covers for 4000 rs fabric covers , is this OK or much thay said ,

    ===> use the extisting for some time when they are getting dirty then go for them.. well i am using the towels for my car seat .. they are easy to remove n clean works for me

    • automate4u says:

      all your queries are answered in the posts below in detail…
      the prices mentioned there are given by Skoda service centre in Gurgaon and are of genuine parts.

  7. rojaravi says:

    hai skoda fans, i am planning to by a skoda ambiente 1.4 tdi or 1.2 tdi , 2008 model. They are quoting 5 lakhs. can i buy this vehicle. i looked at ford figo. Not at all happy with the higher end figo. bad quality finish and ride not so comfortable. does skoda fabia old ones have Ground clearance problems.By the way if any of your skoda friends are selling Fabia used car 2008/09 model in coimbatore. plz ask them to mail me

  8. anand says:

    Dear Fabia users

    Its already more than 2 and half months since I started using Fabia Ambi (D) and have clocked more than 1500 kms. Grip on the road, AC, look, vision, mileage (18+ kmpl) are fabulaous. Hnadling in rush hours is little edgy but still quite good. The car remains quite stable even at a speed of 150 Kmph.

    I need a clarification. Even when the keys are taken out, it seems the engine doesn’t stop immediately (a gap of 8/10 seconds). This is quite predominant while AC is on during driving. Does it happen with others also? Do share your experience. Automate do reply if you have any information on this issue.

    ANAND 🙂

    • vishwanath says:

      hello , it is quite normal , to cool the engine , tha fan may run for a while , and AC blower also make some noise still it stops

      as you are getting decent milage , you enjoying a lot, yes this is a very good highway driving vehical , it cruze without any discomfort , unlike the swift and i20 , thanks bring your feed back

    • automate4u says:

      @ anand

      as vishy was saying, its quite normal as it is the fan noise which goes on for a while, as it is driven by the battery and not the engine.
      It is present in all cars, only that it is a bit audible in Fabia…

      • anand says:

        Thanks a lot Automate. But prior to Fabia, I have driven Alto, Fiesta, D’zire and I still have these with me but none have got this sound problem. I agree that Fan will have its own inertia and it will rotate for some more time and so as the Blower but the weight of all these are quite less as what used to happen in old cars where even the AC used to be turned off while idling (of engine) for long time. The sound is quite audible.

  9. Upendra says:

    Dear Amit and All Fabia owners,

    I am facing an issue in my Fabia. Please let me know if any of you have encountered this and the solution to this.
    Issue : While running in 1500-1600 RPM in 3rd or 4th gear there is a rattle (Metal) in the front left side. It is audible only at this RPM and 3/4 gear and i tried to reproduce this continuosly yeaterday and after that was not able to. Again today the same thing resurfaced. Seems some parts rubbing against each other. Infact it started when i went on a long journey where there were frequent slowing down and increasing speed.

  10. anand says:

    Dear Automate:

    Can you help me in getting the name and details of the auhorised dealer from where I can get the Fog Lamp fitted with cost in NCR?

    • automate4u says:

      Hi we had got the rates confirmed from Ms Giriraj Motors in Sector 15 Gurgaon. The dealer phone no should be available on Skoda website

    • vishwanath says:

      hello guys ,thanks for your wish’s now my skoda fabia 1.2 mpi ambiente ran 900 kms , feeling good my self and as well as my friends liked the car very much and apriciated about build quality and interiors and comfort driving , and today one guy came to me and asked me how about the car and what milage it gives , as he booked the swift , i told him if you are sirious about milage then go for swift , and if you want feel something different then come to FABIA he looked the car around and told me it looks good , cheerers,as if now only car skoda fabia present in my taluk it’s mine , may be in near feature many will be on roads ,

      AC is exlent no words to explaine , as my area is hot temp constant , as if now here is 42 deg temp , and in meter of fabia shows as 39 deg , when AC is started with in 2 minutes it stars to cool the cabin and for front peoples it stats to feel cold , little less for rare still very good .

      doors are good , a guy installing the speakers on rare doors told me this is strong compared to other vehicals , and sound output also good less vibration on more sound ,

      gear shifting is so well that it is very smooth

      steering also very good

      but bad thing about skoda , that the owener manual is provided is of forighen version , in that many features are available , that witch are not present in indian version , thay produce the car and why not the manual ?

      and there is no secure for doors it opens on single pull of liver it even opens when it is locked centrally , i feel that there should have be another liver or any thing else for secure

      hello guys this is very good car compared to swift , if people are buying the hatchback than take a look what you need and how it serves you , as if now i am very much satisfied

      • Shailendra says:

        Hi Vishwanath,
        Any updates?
        Thanks & Regards,

      • vishwanath says:

        hi shailandra , thanks for seeking my feedback ,

        nothing more , every thing is going fine with my car , no troubles enjoying the ride , milage is good somewhare near 13 kmpl in city ,only concern is hike in petrol price in next month , some where nesr 72 rs per liter ,thanks
        i heard fabia contest is there ? where and how ? to take part , thanks

      • automate4u says:

        good to know that u are enjoying the life with Fabia…

        regarding the manual, it seems like its a common phenomenon with all cars of VW group…even the polo and vento have it that way….

  11. vishwanath says:

    hello guys , all fabians . i am well satasified with my selection (skoda fabia ambiente petrol ) it is very strong and well body built and interiors also good ,
    exlent driving comfort

    but some minor issues are
    cabin noise on patchy roads

    city driving at traffic ,it is must to be in second gear

    @ second gear rpm is on higher side ,no need to press the accl pedle still car moves

    third gear feels like slower side no pickup and remaining are good

    and some features i am feeling missing is 1- rare power windows
    2-key less entry

    as if now i am feeling that mailage is at 12 kmpl for 1.2 petrol ‘
    is this is going to improve? any experts give me the guidence and tips to pull more FE

    and how to check the FE in simple ways

    by over all car is relly awesome

    • chinniv says:

      Hi Vishwanath,

      The best way to check your car FE is the tank to tank method. Just fill your tank up to full at the petrol station and reset your tripmeter to zero. Drive around and the next time you stop at the petrol station, fill again to full and note down the distance covered. A simple distance covered by the amount of petrol filled will give you the average FE. Remember to tell the people at the petrol station to use the auto stop function when the tank is full, both times. Otherwise, it might give you an incorrect value.

      As far as, efficient driving to control fuel consumption, you should be able to google around for a lot of tips. But here is one link to start with : Read and try to follow. We really need energy conservation.

      Enjoy your ride safe,

  12. ruthvick says:

    i am in my way to buy a new car ……….but got stuck up btwn polo and fabia ………….
    suggest me the best one ………i prefer for good mileage and performance ….and also prefering the diesel variant ( top end)…..and also suggest me about punto…

  13. vishwanath says:

    hello guys today i got my car delivered SKODA FABIA 1,2 ambiente petrol.i drove this beauty 300 km today itself to return home from dealer .it is awesome driving comfort is very exelent @140 kmph the car keep well in controle .and headroom .legroom front and back are much place i am 5’10 tall fellow felt easy inside the car .i am very happy now .but the delevery was not good by the dealer poor responce .thay dint even bothered us to get easy .but only salesmanager was kind guyto help us . i am now worried about A.S.S only feature will tell .thanks

    • Chinniv says:

      Hi Vishwanath,

      Hearty congrats on your buy, a good choice. Mine will be a same case like yours, have to drive so far to the dealer, when I am going to buy it 😉 I am sure that will be a good feeling. Just confused between 1.2mpi elegance and 1.6, because of the FE. Have asked experts here. Sure help will arrive,before I die of insomnia.

      Go on and share your views on this great car with us, would be better with pics if you could.


    • Shailendra says:

      Hi Vishwanath,
      Congrats, keep on posting your experience. One thing reminds me(reading 140kmph) that the experts say while running your new car, one has to keep the speed of car within limits & that too we have to see the engine rev. Just go thr the owners manual/ ask tech person from dealer Or search on for the best advice. That will improve the engine performance, FE, etc.
      All the best, other Fabians/A4U….any insites?
      Thanks in advance

  14. Upendra says:

    Dear All,
    Some observations after driving a few hundered kms.
    1. Ac very effecient but i noticed a smoke(Cold air) kind of thing coming out of AC blower when the outside temperature was 28.5 deg this just happened once and it got set automatically. Also quite frequently the middle AC panel and a small part of the dash above surrounding it is getting wet in the evenings again when the temp is around 28.5 deg. Did anybody experience it?
    2. Battery light glows even after the car starts and goes away after 3 seconds. Is this normal?
    3. Clicking noise near glove box area and also sometimes near speedo. This comes on slightly cracked roads or where there are intermittent cracks. It is normal that the plastics rattle but not in few hundred kms.

    Also just for information i have fixed the remote lock Skoda approved one and it is really good. No whistles like the after market one.It is tiny and cute and very functional.

    • AMIT SAINI says:

      Hi Upendra,

      1.Will check out the AC thing havent noticed it till yet.

      2.i have also started to notice the same thing with the battery light ….

      3. i feel that some noises do come on certain very bad roads…

      help me out with the remote locking device how much did it cost u and where did you get it fitted?

      • Upendra says:

        Hi Amit,

        Regarding the remote i fitted it from the Gurudev motors chennai.It is Skoda approved one and it is listed as an accessory in the fabia website with part code : 5j0054907.
        The job took about 4 hours and they charged Rs8000+12.5%VAT+Rs1000 which amounted to Rs 9900. It is working fine in positive scenarios but i find some glitches in negative scenarios for which i am going to workshop to get it sorted out.
        For your information they don’t have to remove door pads, the module was installed under the dash and a small hub like thing was placed in the right corner of the dash. An extra feature i noticed that as we keep pressing the lock button the window glasses are also lifted up if it is not closed properly.

    • Chinniv says:

      Hello automate,

      I am keenly interested in buying Fabia 1.6. But also a little bit concerned about the FE, as different people are giving different figures. Reviews say, it is about 10-11kmpl. But owners have mentione about 13 to 14 kmpl. Which is true? My driving won’t be much. Only inside the city and maybe less than 500 to 750 km per month. Is it a good buy as far as performance is concerned? My biggest issue is the rear space. That is why Polo was rejected in the first look itself. I am also looking at i20 1.2 asta. Kindly help me with some suggestions.


      • Chinniv says:

        By the way, sorry if the post has appeared in the wrong place. Though I have posed the questions to automate, anybody is welcome to reply. Thanks.

      • automate4u says:

        Fabia 1.6 is a very good buy as far as performance is concerned. Skoda claims a mileage of 14.83 kmpl, so definitely you cannot expect it to be more than 11-12 in actual driving.
        Regarding i20 1.2 petrol, since you are more concerned about performance, I wouldn’t suggest it as the car is low on performance

      • I had a though for 1.6 before buying 1.2 Petrol Elegance.
        Power is awesome, although Polo 1.6 is better (but Polo has no read/head space)

        I am sure you wont get more thn 11kmpl in city. so looking at petrol prices I decided not to go for it, and controlled my emotions 🙂

        Anyway, Dont compare with I20 (1.2) & Fabia(1.6) for performance ..doesnt make sense..


      • Chinniv says:

        Thanks automate and Nachiket,

        I know it does’nt make sense to compare 1.6 and 1.2, but I20 was my next choice. I could not come across any reviews on the 1.2 elegance, that’s why I was leaning more to i20. But since you have the elegance 1.2, could you share your views on it? FE, NVH, performance and any thing at all that could help.


  15. vishwanath says:

    hello shaini thanks for your replay .i enquired in banglore dealers for foglamps .one dealer quated for 19875 rs for set of foglamps including service charge.and genune alloys for 5000 rs each .how this is going to happen on various dealers the price is so much of difference .in hubli alloys are for 7000 rs each .what is this? and handles inside the interior roof handels are not found how to get those ?thanks

  16. GP says:

    Dear Fabians/A4U

    I am Bangalore & planning to buy Fabia Ambiente Petrol. Pls suggest best dealer here.

    I have got few queries here as well.

    1. I have read that the turning radius in few websites of new fabia is 4.7m, however the fabia brochure downloaded one states tht its 9.8m. Can you pls confirm which one is correct. I feel 9.8m is too much for a hatch at the current juncture.

    2. Which is the best suitable audio sys for fabia. My requirement is that i would like DVD/CD changer, FM radio and should be able to access my ipod/mobile phone. Please suggest me with some insights.

    3. I have read that for Ambiente, its only the front power windows and rear is manual & no remote ops. is it possible to upgrade ambiente with both power windows, remote ops ?

    Hope to get a reply from the experienced people out there
    Thanks, GP

    • GP says:

      Hello Folks,

      I got the delivery of my new fabia Ambiente – 1.2 Petrol – Red on last Friday.
      I need to thank each and every one of you in this board for some or other info i was able to collect.

      Not much driving happened. So initial perception of the vehicle is as follows:

      Excellent : Colour-Red, Exterior Looks, AC, Vehicle interiors, Stability of the car, Suspension on bad roads, Safety features, Rear legroom for a hatch.

      Good: Gear shift, Steering control, Sound output of OEM Speakers, Hopefully the mileage 🙂

      Some issues:

      1. There is a clear feel of vibration inside when the clutch is reaching the biting point esp. in reverse gear.

      2. When the AC is switched On or OFF, there is a audible (from inside as well) Click / Tick noise from the blower
      even when the vehicle is standstill.

      3. Same thing while the car is switched ON near the speedo and there is a slight Vibration in the steering.

      4. There is a rattle in the left front windows while downing it.

      5. Glove box is not getting lit when opened.

      6. No Gear Indicator in Ambiente Petrol (I was told that it comes only in Top ends and Ambiente Diesel).

      *** Folks, Please confirm are you facing aforesaid issues in Ambiente-Petrol-1.2 or 1.6 in your car.***

      Wish List – it wud hv been there:

      1.They could hv provided the rear handles & rear PW for few more thousands extra. I do not know wht made them to remove this from basic list for meagre amt of cost cutting.

      2.User Manual Wish it could hv been India, Model specific


  17. vishwanath says:

    Hello, automate4u,

    i am vishwanath from karnataka ,i booked a SKODA FABIA AMBI petrol ( white), and got to be delevered on 24 th of this month ,please help me to get your tips about your FAB i have read all yor posts on http://automate4uom/2010/10/13/15/ , and i was pleased to ask you for the better answer ,

    i looked the car and i was impressed , i got a test drive of 11 kms , that was nice , and i also done a test drive o i20 also on the same yesterday , but i choosed the fabia to be my car

    as i booked ambi model of fabia

    i was really missing of FOG lamps , i asked the dealer about the price and he said for fog lamps , i need to pay 16000/- rs is tis is correct , i read that you posted some 9000 rs for fog lamps are thay are genuine or other brand?, if it is correct then how i have to approch with them ,


    and i am missing alloy wheels also , so i am gioing crazy about alloys , my dealer qouted the price of each alloy is 4500 rs , and he buyback the present wheels for some 3000 rs , is it justifible , to buy alloy , can we get even cheaper alloy in market ? for fabia, if yes , the how to choose the good quality alloy , please help me ,


    in ambi modle , the interior handles on sealing one is present and other are are not provided , in elegence all 4 handels are there , is this true that in ambi , why other three are missing , how to get those , or i need to pay for that ?

    4 , in my car there is no music player , so ineed to by a good player only front speakers are present , i want to add another two at back , if possible woofer also , so can you give the idea for good audio system , under 15 K ,

    seat covers for 4000 rs fabric covers , is this OK or much thay said ,

    one last question , i want thise top bars used in yeti model for fabia also ( airodines ) some what this i dont know what thay are called, can you give me the idea , where to get for fabia , and assembled , is there any warrenty void for this , i need to talk this issiue with my dealer , whay is your suggestion ,

    please guide me bro about these ,as want know all these things becouse , i wat to preapre myself for fun and enjoyment ,

    your new ” FRIEND ”


    • Shailendra says:

      Hi A4U Team, This will answer most of my queries, thanks to Vishu.
      Thanks in advance A4U Team….rgds..

    • automate4u says:

      Hi Vishu….quite a long list….n sorry for the delay….
      So, coming to your questions,
      1. Fog lamps
      I got the rates confirmed by a dealer in Delhi and found that even the rate quoted before(Rs9000) was high.The actual cost is Rs 1900 for one piece, making a total of Rs 3800. The figure quoted by the dealer seems absurd and I would recommend you to talk to any other dealer(if any). Also the dealer may not be able to give you the exact figures, so it would be advisable to contact the service centre.
      2. The rate quoted for alloys seem good(if it is Skoda brand ones), the local ones can be got for less than 3000rs, but I would advise against it as it may cause safety problems in future as the y are not tested for failures
      3. The roof handles are not part of the new Fabia and you would need to pay around Rs 600 per piece for them I suppose.
      4. Regarding audio system I believe you can get a real good one for somewhere around 15k and I would leave the choice to you based on your requirement(not sure about the cost of woofer).
      5. And regarding seat covers, I feel they have quoted a very good rate(4000rs)
      6. And regarding roof rails, as in the Yeti, it adds to styling element of the car, but it can literally burn your pocket as well, as they can be as expensive as 35k for a set of two, as per the dealer.

      • vishwanath says:

        thanks , automate4u for your kind replay ,

        1 fog lamps , – about fog lamps , what he is saying is , the cost of both fog for new fabia , comes with kit means all assembly including switch , ,i said about yours rate , than without switch how you will operate those fog lamps? , can you tell me can i get these on open market ? is this real 1900 rs each is this true ,? if that it is great news, these detais are from sevice center it self

        2) the rate earlier qouted for alloy wheels are wrong , he called me today and said , thay cost me exact 7109 rs each alloy( genuine SKODA alloy antik) , and buy back the present wheels for 200 rs each , this is strange , he says , there is no use of getting back those wheels for him

        and i asked other shops regarding alloys , one shop guy , qouted 17000 rs set of 5 wheels , brand ( SILVERLINE ) thaiwan make

        3 ) handles 600 each is good, i will get talk about this to my dealer

        4 ) about audio system , i shortlisted for sony player with bluetooth for rs 11200/- rs local shop , any alternative for this ?

        5 ) about regarding roof rails, as you said may be around 35 k, it really kill my pockets , i dont even think of getting it , and there is problem insatlling those for new fabia , as there is no provision to fix them , if need to fix have to make drill the roof , it is not recomended ,

        any how thanks for your kind help ,

    • automate4u says:

      In fog lamps, the cost is only of a pair of lamps…all other charges like for switches are extra…
      Reg alloy wheels even the dealer quoted the same figure(7200rs) here also

    • San says:

      Hi Vishwa,

      This is santosh from bangalore, even i am planning to buy a Fab. i would like to know from which dealer did you buy the car from and how much did you pay.did you get any free accessories? If you have any queries regarding spares or anything just mail to the below ID – (Sudhir Srinivas Marketing Skoda india) and as well to – (HQ in chez) someone from Skoda will call you back to help you with it, but i recommend you to take a hard copy with a seal from the dealer for reference.

      • San says:

        Hard copy of the Quote. No one is supposed to quote over MRP for goods on any product, but for services done they can quote at a higher price.

      • San says:

        Its better to buy a branded alloy :


        1) Indian road conditions alloys can crack(Rare cases) or any mishap can cause alloys to bend or crack.
        2) If you buy any alloy you will have to check if wheel balancing can be done easily.
        3) Buying a branded alloy or a company alloy, you can replace the alloy in case of any damage after several years- Normal alloy models will change on a regular basis and down the lane, say about 2Years if something happens to the alloy you cant get a single alloy wheel replaced, you will have to change the whole set. This information is just to be aware of what might happen.

        Please feel free to comment if i am wrong.

    • San says:

      One last question.. Do you have gear shift indicator. Does it display the gear in which you drive and does it indicate you when you should shift the gear.

      • vishwanath says:

        hi @ santosh , thanks for replay , i am waiting to get car delevered to me , i booked the car in HUBLI( priti cars ltd )

        new skoda fabia 1.2 mpi ambient version = 4,87,169 ex showroom hubli on road is 5,78,169

        he promised me to give free mats and mud pads , and deducting handling charges ,

        may be i get the car delevery on 26 th of this month

        thanks for giveing the custmercare mail service info , sure i will mail them when my car get deliverd

        yes alloys are bit costly , i will sure get the idea of good quality alloys availabe in market ,which are strong and strong , and you mentiond to go for oem alloys , thanks for the concern

        last Q , i really dont know about the gear shift indicator in ambiant model , but for sure many features available in elegance model ,

        thanks ,for tips , if any more tips , please tell me

    • AMIT SAINI says:

      Hi Vishwanath,

      sorry i coudnt reply sonner, i hope my reply resolves your confusions…

      1.The cost of the Front Fog Lamp is 1900 for one unit excluding wirring harnes,bulbs,few couplers,relay and Labour ,but if you add everything then the total cost is around 9,000 , the dealer quoating you 16k is making a 7,000 as profit ,go to a good service centre and ask for the cost of each part then you will get the whole calculation, the bulbs and the couplers used are the ones which are used in the LAURA Fog Lamps and you will have to organise the wirring harness yourself as the service centres will not have the wirring ,switch and relay.

      2.for alloys i would recommed that you go with the genuine ones as there can be no confirmation on the after market options…

      for any other info feel free to write ….

  18. vishwanath says:

    replay please guys

  19. Ankush Rana says:

    Hello guys,
    I am interested in buying Skoda Fabia Ambiente 1.2 mpi (petrol). I want to know the pros n cons. of the same model. Also I am a bit confused b/w hyundai I20 magna petrol and Fabia 1.2 MPI ambiente(P) . Please clarify me in detail in this regard asap.
    Thanks & Regards…

    • Ankush Rana says:

      I want to know the Ex showrom price and on road price of the fabia ambiente 1.2mpi(p) model in chandigarh. Also what accesories are required with this model. thanks

  20. Shailendra says:

    Hi Fabians & A4U,
    Friday I visited the Skoda showroom & it was very good experince, the representative, satisfied all my queries.
    TD- cluth feel was rough & pick-up low in 1 & 2nd gear, in 3rd it improved a lot.
    I liked the interiors & features of the Ambi(P).
    Thank….Please keep posting your experience…specifically on Petrol

  21. anand says:

    Got my Fabia Ambiente today (1.2L TDI)

    • automate4u says:

      do share your experiences with us….

    • AMIT SAINI says:

      WELCOME to the Family ….

      post pics ….

      Safe Driving …

    • AMIT SAINI says:

      let me know what help do you need i will be happy to help …

      • anand says:

        I have to fix a good music system in the car. Please let me know from where did you get the music system fixed in your car and what model is that including cost. I hope there won’t be any warantee issue out of it. Car Dealer refused even for fitting fog lamp citing warantee problem.

    • AMIT SAINI says:

      Anand ,i got my music system fitted fron KAROL BAGH,but there is a good shop in sector 14 GGN, from where i got speakers installed in the rear doors.he is quite good, and i got a PIONEER music systems for Rs.5,000 with USB ,excluding speakers and its quite good ,you can check it in my FABIA… and as per the FOGLAMPS you will have to meet VISHAL at GIRIRAJ AUTOMOBILES WORKSHOP ,SECTOR 15 or tell me whenever you want to get FOGLAMPS instaled,will be happy to help you out…
      You could also mail me your number at amitsaini2k@HOTMAIL.COM , then we could probably meet up and help you out.
      Dont take tension these are very small jobs.

      • Upendra says:

        Dear Amit/Anand,

        Please don’t think i am being negative. Try to talk to Skoda officials and they are saying we should not cut any wires for speakers etc. It seems Skoda is going to release a system in a months time which would be relatively cheaper than the OEM system. This will have speakers plug and play type. Confirm with Skoda India directly. I also heard the Alpine system used in Octy should be fine.

    • anand says:

      Its already a weeks’ time since I started using my Fabia. Very Good Handling, good pick-up, good visibility, comfortable seat, not so good locking system.Good legroom, ok gear shift. And yes quite good mileage (18.75 kmpl without AC on).Although started using AC which is equally good. Little noisy to start with but settles down quite fast. Little confused about the Tyre pressure (is it 30 or 32 PSI ?). Please suggest on the correct tyre pressure (Ambi Diesel). First service is due after 15000 KMs so the cost of ownership will be more or less equal as compared with Suzuki or Hyundai.

      • AMIT SAINI says:

        @Anand ,

        how do you feel about the looks…???

      • anand says:

        Look is killing. I feel POLO is little more hyped as the interior of Fabia is any day better than POLO. Must appreciate Skoda.

      • AMIT SAINI says:

        Hi Anand,

        that is also what i feel that the we sit inside the car and i feel the quality and design of the FABIA interiors is way better than that of The POLO by a very long margin…and personally i really love the front end of the FABIA oncluding the Laura like grill and the headlights..u r right that POLO is uncessary hyped..a lot of new FABIA’S are visible on the roads thesed days…

  22. Nachiket patel says:

    I got my fabia. Pics coming soon.
    Btw, my fabia is havin 185 instead of 175 tires. Specs said 185 comes with 1.6 only..
    Should that be an issue?


  23. anand says:

    I have to buy a diesel car as I have to travel daily around 90 kms (gurgaon to ballabgarh). I am looking for a car which should have good safety features with a good mileage and low cost of ownership. Zeroed down to Polo and Fabia (ambi). Can you please let me know with which car should I go ahead?

    • automate4u says:

      Both cars have the same engine and hence the mileage would be similar.
      Cost of ownership would also be nearly same for both cars.
      But in terms of safety features, Fabia Ambiente has dual airbags in addition to features in Polo Comfortline

      • anand says:


      • Shailendra says:

        Hi A4U…My running is less about 20Kms daily, bi-monthly 200Kms & 1000Kms half yearly, I want a car with less width, bcoz of tight parking, have shortlisted Fabia Ambient Petrol & i10 Kappa Sports..kindly advise me the car. What will the ownership cost for both, will be keeping car atleast 5yrs. I heard that Fabia service & spare cost is very high. Can I get rough calculation of both?
        Thanks in advance…Shailendra

      • automate4u says:

        @ Shailendra
        Fabia has indeed higher maintenance costs over the likes of i10, and the spares are also expensive. You can safely assume it to be around 1.5 times that of the Hyundai.

    • Both are premium hatchbacks.
      Are you in hurry ?
      YES – Go for Fabia
      No – Go for polo (got 5 months waiting)

      Is space / legroom issue for you??
      YES – Go for Fabia
      NO – Go for Polo

      Do you like more sporty looking car? Or more Mature feel?
      SPORTY – Go for Polo (Looks super cool in Red)
      MATURE – Fabia ( I dont think there is any other Hatch in comparison here)

      I hope, my response helps you 🙂

    • AMIT SAINI says:

      Hi anand,

      i also drive daily from GGN to Delhi and back to GGN almost 80 kms everyday i also chose the FABIA ambiente over the POLO base model due to thses reasons:-

      1.Fabia has 2 AIRBAGS ,which is a very important safety feature and only available in the POLO top Variant.

      2.FABIA comes witha option of 4-years /1,00,000 kms waranty ,while the POLO has only 2-years warranty.

      3.The interior fit,finish , space and quality of materials used.. i feel i spend the most of the time inside the car and the interiors in the FABIA are way better than the ones in the POLO have completed 7500kms and i feel its a FAB choice…

      its giving me a mileage of 17-18 kmpl . i normally drive 625kms in a full tank of diesel which costs me Rs.1300.

      for any other specific quaetions feel free to ask me ,i would we happy to help you out.
      also you can read my earlier comments about the FABIA for further info.

      • anand says:

        Thanks amit. BTW can you please tell me from where you have got the fog lamp fitted and at what cost?

      • anand says:

        Hi Amit:

        I am taking white colour from arshia motors.
        Did u get any discount also from Giriraj Auto?

        I checked with Arshia motor for Fog Lamp fitting for which they have shown their inability as they claim it is not possible to fit. Whether your lamp are working all right and do they have any implication on warrantee? I had thought for taflon coating and engine wax also but I was told it is not really required. What is your opinion?

        Thanks and lets’ keep updating ourselves.

      • Upendra says:

        Dear Amit,
        One another question in comparision with Swift Aircon. Do you find the fabia AC to be in par with swift and did you notice any flapping kind of as noise inside the fabia AC blower.
        Also regarding the clutch i heard the clutch burns off easily in Fabia. Is it true? Ofcourse you would not experience it in a new car but if you have information if any update has happened in this area.

    • Dheeraj says:

      Go for Fabia. Maintenace cost, specs and features are almost similar.

      Pros :
      1. Safety (2 airbags in ambience)
      2. Comfortable and spacious for rear passengers as well and larger boot
      3. Interior quality is much more sophisticated and elagent (steering, dashboard etc)
      4. More skilled mechanics as it has been in market for more than 4 years now

      Cons :
      1. Polo looks fresher from outside
      2. Skoda is VW company

    • anand says:

      Thanks a lot. Already booked Fabia Ambiente and will be taking delivery on 7/02/2011.

      • AMIT SAINI says:

        Hi Anand,

        great choise to go for the FABIA ,which color have you booked ? which dealer ?

        i got the fog lamps fitted from GIRIRAJ AUTOMOBILES,from there service centre in sector 15.but i had to arrange for the wirring myself as the dealership didnt have it.the total cost including Fog Lamps,Wirring,parts,LABOUR was 9,000 approx.But the fog lamps are really worth it and they look really cool.

      • AMIT SAINI says:

        Hi Anand,

        GIRIRAJ also said the same thing to me about warranty and inability to fit the fog lamp ,but when i told them that when i m using all SKODA parts and getting it fitted by SKODA technitions in a SKODA WORKSHOP ,then how come the warranty can be viod.Then they relented and agreed that fitting of fog lamps in their workshop using SKODA parts will not hamper the warranty.If you are keen on getting the FOglamps fitted then let me know i will direct you the the right person and my foglamps work absulutely fine they really illuminate the sidea of the road very well and they look absolutely coolllll.

        so if u r ready fro a cost of 9,000 let me know will direct you to the right person.

        i went for teflon since i was getting it point getting the engine coating ..will post photos of my FABIA ,its in brilliant silver..

        sure we can stay in touch my email id is amitsaini2k@HOTMAIL.COM.for any other questions you can write to me, no problem ….

      • Upendra says:

        Dear Amit,
        I went for another test drive of skoda today and i find the car really comfortable as far as seats are concerned. But i an not comfortable in certain areas and also have some clarifications which i thought i will confirm with you as well.
        1. The clutch pedal and brakes are placed very high. Don’t you find it uncomfortable in traffic as clutch is also a bit heavy.
        2. There is no place to keep left leg as the foot rest is there. I know it is a boon in highways but thought there should be some inbetween space. Anyway wanted to know if it is possible to remove the footrest.
        3. If i buy, i may go in for classic version. Is it possible to fit OEM power window in the front and do you have any idea how much it will be?
        4. Also since classic doesn’t come with speakers fitted. Will it be a challenge to fit it from outside as in skoda it costs Rs 7500.
        5. Is the seat height adjustment really useful. Because if i raise the seat then i lose the neck support and also the clutch becomes difficult to operate. How is the classic’s static seat position?
        Thanks and Regards

  24. San says:


    In the top end model:(Petrol 1.2 Fabia)
    1) Does the MFD(Multi function display) contain – Gear shift indicator.
    2) Is the after sales service good @ Tafe or Vinayak skoda in bangalore,Can anyone highlight me on their experiences (and if possible the cost on) on after sales service in bangalore.

    Like to admit :
    1) The comfort inside skoda is way better than i20 and comparatively higher than Polo also.
    2) Skoda should have given a better audio system as in the Skoda Fabia’s outside india.

    I had been to the auto show in bangalore(Palace ground) went to the skoda stall, when i spoke to the sales Rep. he was totally rude and he looked like an mechanic with a good looking uniform rather than a sales person. hopefully skoda will take some intiatives to improve their CRM value.

    • AMIT SAINI says:

      Hi San,

      1.All variants of the new FABIA get the gear indicator including the petrol

      2. I have mentioned my service experience in belowmentioned comments, i feel its acceptable.

      3. I agree that the FABIA when compared to the i20 has better comfort and interiors.

      • San says:

        Thanks for your quick feedback Amit,

        I could not figure out from which dealer did you buy in bangalore.. I stay near mysore road(East Part) and i am looking at a dealer whose service station is near to my place(Comparitively).

        One last question: in the elegance model do we get a system where in when we lock the doors from outside.. does the windows close automatically or should we close it manually from inside and than lock the car…(Technically called the – Up modular)

      • San says:

        Hi Amit,

        I had been to the Skoda showroom recently, i went through all the specs and when i asked about the gear shift indicator to the sales person he said it is absent in all the models, is the person right or does he have no idea about this.

    • AMIT SAINI says:

      Hi San,

      i live in GGN so wont be able to help you with the dealer part…

      both the Ambiente and Elegance variants get a Locking System where you can open or clso the windows while locking the car from outside .in the Elegance through the remote and in the Ambiente through the key.u can close the windows either way its your choise…

      • automate4u says:

        @ SAN

        Skoda fabia does not have gear shift indicator in any of its variants.
        Probably i10 is the only car offering this feature in this segment.

      • AMIT SAINI says:

        The new FABIA has gear shift indicators my 1.2 Diesel Ambiente, has Gear Shift indicator.I was told that other variants do have it ….
        I can confirm for myself….

      • automate4u says:

        Sorry for the mistake on our part….
        Amit should be right as he is using a Fabia and says it has gear shift indicators.

      • San says:

        Well Amit i will confirm it when i go for the test drive, as i was going through the display functionality in the showroom but i did not find the gear shift indicator and the sales guy also confirmed it was not present in the New fabia, now unless i have test drive i cant say.

        Anyone in the forum can confirm if the “New skoda fabia” has the gearshift indicator (elegance 1.2 petrol)

      • San says:

        Hi Amit,

        Can you post any snap of the gear shift indicator from your vehicle, will be helpfull.


  25. Hi guys,
    Gonna get delivery of my car tomorrow(Saturday) or Sunday..
    Very excited.

    I got VIN(Vehicle Identication No) , it says manufacture date is Nov-2010.
    But I think its fine, I should look at Car assembly date (on Form 22)

    Any guidelines for pre-inspection? Paying dealer tomorrow.

    What usually dealers giveaway for free??
    Mudflaps, doormates etc.??

    What should I Install extra in it?
    1. Seat covers
    2. Sun protective Window films (3M or any preference) ?
    3. Rear door speakers


    • automate4u says:

      Congrats Nachiket…have a great driving time ahead…
      The Nov manufacturing date is fine and no need to worry about that.
      Try and bargain with the dealer for some extra addons like mud flaps before you make the final payment, you may get some good deal…

      • Upendra says:

        I have recently booked a diesel classic version. I am going to fix the audio system from outside. I have a query regarding this. When i enquired with Skoda dealer they told me that we will lose warranty if the wires are cut. But the audio installer says we needn’t cut the wire but we may need to sleeve the wires. Will sleeving damage the warranty. The dealer is also not able to comfirm.

    • AMIT SAINI says:

      Hi Nachiket,

      just check the bodywork and the engine bay just to check the car is fresh and just have a normal look around it.

      at the time of delivery of my FABIA the dealer gave me these things for free :

      3.teflon coatiing

      I have instaled seat covers as the ineriors are prone to get dirty very soon.
      Also get rear door speakers installed as its a good option i dont recommend speakers in the rear parcel tray.
      i would recommend that you also get a sun control film from GARWARE OR 3M bith are good.


      best of luck

      Drive Safe…ENJOY

  26. Amit Saini says:

    Hi Upendra,

    I feel the testdrive vehicles are not very well maintened thats why they dont give the right picture of a new car..

    1.Ground clearance is optimun it has never sraped a speed breaker, during a wedding i had four people in the back and two people in the front ,but even then i managed very well and i regularly move around 100-125 kg of material wuth 2 people on board for 4 times a week even then there is no problem.

    2.I have never experienced clutch judders , i used to have a SWIFT VDI for the last two years ,60,000 kms.The clutch is very similar to it ,its the gearbox which in the swift had a very sporty feel and was very short throw.while the FABIA gearbox is a bit Notchy and it cannot be rushed when compared to the SWIFT.I have a ALTIS DIESEL and INNOVA DIESEL i find the clutch of the FABIA TO BE QUITE OK.

    3.I havent tested the ac in the full summers but the heater which is being used today is really very,very good.

    4,There are absolutely no rattles in the car neither from the glove compartment or the sterring coloum not even a sound.My SWIFT used to rattle a lot from the day one and that was the most irritating thing about the car.The doors whenever closed rattled the bootlid rattled and the maruti workshop coundnt do anything about it.

    5.I have a non ABS version but the brakes are better than the SWIFT they are very powerful and stop in pretty good distances, no complaints in that regard.

    I really love the Fabia and i feel its the best hatch taking into account the space and the build quality.

    • Upendra says:

      Thanks Amit for the information.
      Infact i tested a brand new car soon as it was launched and experienced the minor rattles and clutch judder while trying to rip the car a bit. Anyways i am happy to hear that you don’t have complaints with regard to the glove box and steering column. Please do keep posting your further experience.

      • AMIT SAINI says:

        hi Upendra,

        I have used the AC very less times to pass any judgement about it,will bw using it in the comming months and will upadte accordingly.

        Also regarding the clutch , i feel there is a lot of negative things going around regarding the FABIA ,which relly are not true…I felt the same thing when i went to the service centre .I had heard that SKODA has the worst ASS ,but i was pleasently surprised.Also i have found that the FABIA is fantatically built car with a lot of attention to details about everything.Its been a very underrated car for a very long time but with the revised prices it will a lot affordable and a every buyer will appreciate the QUALITY it has to offer.Its CAR for all those people who want something a lot more substantial then what the SWIFTs,INDICAs can offer.

      • AMIT SAINI says:

        Hi Upendra,

        i really appriciate the detailed observations that you have made on the FABIA

        1.i feel that the you cannot change the placemnt of the clutch or the brake pedal in any car ,so one has to adjust according to the design and the placement provided by the manufacturer, i personally dont feel that its heavy, but you must be comparing it to the FIGO then in comparsion it mught seem heavy to you.

        2.I really love the footrest of the FABIA it can also be used in daily city traffic, but i agree when you say that there is less space between the clutch and the footrest ,but i dont feel its uncomfortable, once you will start driving the FABIA you will find a way to adjust with it.i should be removable i haven’t checked it but it should be easy to remove.

        3.i dont know about the fittment of power windows in the classic variant, you will have to ask the dealers for that.

        4.speakers can be very easily installed in the front and the rear door pads of the Fabia from any good shop, this is not a issue… Ambienete has seat height abjustable feature but i dont use it ,as i dont feel the need to …i am 5.11 ,but that doesn’t make the pedal unreachable….

    • Prasad says:


      I am planning to buy Fabia after a bit of research. I have zeroed in the 1.2 MPI Ambiente – Bangalore. However i am a new buyer. Hence wud request fellow people to help me out with your advice. I hv got following queries on abv model.

      1. I think music system is after-market one and optional. Pls suggest a compatible one for this model and how much will it cost for the same
      2. I am planning to go for black alloy wheels…any suggestions and how much it wud cost?
      3. Is the rear spoiler comes with this package?
      4. What is the avg mileage we can expect?
      5. I wanted to go with remote keys…can it be done as add on with this model. if so, How much more will it cost…
      There a quite a few queries…pls dont mind…:)

      • Amit Saini says:

        Hi Prasad,

        fabia Ambiente is a good choice in todays preminum hatchback enviroment..

        1.Music systems are available in a lot of brands and there is large number of options you can choose from..SONY.PIONEER,JVC etc they start from as low as 3,000 and above ,u can choose any 1-DIN or 2 -DIN model depending upon your choice and budget.A good system is available for 5000-7000 …

        2.Black Alloys should cost something in the region of 12,000 to 16,000 depending upon brand and design …

        3.i havent seen if there is spoiler available for Fabia …

        4.Average should bein the region of 11 to 13 kmpl.

        5.Ambiente comes with central locking ,i dont know weather you can install a after market remote locking system as it will hamper the electrical wirring and may effect the warranty ,so kindly check with the dealer before insatlling the remote locking systems..

      • dharanish says:

        Hi Prasad,
        I am planning to buy skoda fabia ambient in bangalore. Did you buy the fabia. Please let me know your feedback about the new fabia in regard to the mileage and service.from which dealer did you buy the car?

    • Upendra says:

      Hi Amit,
      Since you owned swift i request you to compare the front seating comfort alone as i know fabia is miles ahead in rear seat comfort. Also please let me know the knee comfort as i feel the center console in fabia touches the knees.

      • AMIT SAINI says:

        HI Upendra ,

        you are right when you say that the lower middle portion of the dashboard touches the knee , this is the only shortcomming of the FABIA interior.This same problem is there with the POLO also .

        In the SWIFT , the lower middle portion is curved towards the bottom…,so its doesnt touch the knee .also the FABIA has a footrest so this also compllicates the knee room further..

        except this the FABIA interiors are very spacious when compared to the SWIFT.

    • Upendra says:

      Dear Amit and all,

      I got my Fabia ambiente diesel and have done a few hundered kilometers. Following are my observations.
      1. The comfort is really top class almost like a sedan.
      2. AC cooling is good more than expected.
      3. Ground clearance very good though 158mm seems less but far better than my Figo which was 168mm and ofcourse you also clarified this earlier.
      4. Top quality interiors. Looks rich the seats etc.
      1. Slight Clicking noise and mild rattle coming from left portion of dash near Ac louver and glove box on sligtly cracked roads(Not pot holes) like the flyover where there are intermittent cuts etc.
      2. Wind noise audible above 80km speed.
      3. Left door knob making noise guess cable needs lubrication. Doors are very heavy but door pad quality can be better.
      4. Handling good but not great.
      5. Horn doesn’t sound good. Dual tone would have been better.
      6. Doubtful rubber quality of the beadings covering window glass.

  27. I have booked my Fabia Petrol Elegance 🙂
    But They said, I will get delivery of my new Car around 20-Feb. 😦

  28. rajan mittal says:

    hi i am confused between polo & fabia. please suggest me.which one is better in term of riding.handling,engine & gear box.

    • Amit Saini says:

      KINDLY specify which engine diesel or petrol and which variants are you comparing ? POLO :Trendline,Comfortline,Highline and FABIA:Classic,Ambiente,Elegance are the available trim levels on both.

    • automate4u says:

      @ rajan
      there is no difference in the engines of new fabia and polo.
      In terms of ride and handling, we have already commented in detail in this post itself.
      Please read through the comments.

      • Amit Saini says:

        I had also booked POLO trendline but canceled the same for FABIA 1.2 Diesel Ambiente, which has now clocked over 6500km and i am very happy with it .you can read my earlier comments for further details.I am glad i picked the FABIA its a better car in every way including Space,Safety,Features,Warranty and Looks.
        There is one more information which i came to know about the POLO a few days back was that u cannot get A music system installed in it from any after-market outlet except the VW dealer i.e. u have to get the music system installed from the dealer ONLY otherwise your warranty will be void.the VW dealers are offering 3 KENWOOD music systems for choice and these 3 Systems are priced at almost double the cost at which they r available in the open you need to think about this also.While the FABIA has 4 speakers in the Ambiente ,which come factory fitted and there is a aftermarket preperation for any music systemst hat can be installed from anyone.

        For any specific inforegarding the FABIA post your questions ,glad to help you out …

    • Amit Saini says:

      i to have a FABIA 1.2 Ambiente which i have drive for 6500 km and i am happy with it .i also had booked a POLO and then cancelled it for the can read my comments ….

      the Ambiente have 2 Airbags ,4 speakers ,the engine ,gearbox and the platform is the same but the interiors are better and the FABIA has a option of 4 years / 1,00,000.00kms extended its a better deal .
      Also i came to know that when u buy a POLO u have to get the music system installed from the VW DEALER and they are offering only 3 – kenwood systems at doulbe the price when compared to their price in the open market and if you get a system installed from from any delaer in the open market then your warranty gets cancelled .so you need to know about this also.while installing a aftermarket music system does not void the FABIA’S warranty.

      for any specific info ,fire your questions i will be glad to help.

      • Upendra says:

        I own a Ford Figo diesel and in comparision i would like to know some points about diesel Fabia

        –> How is the ground clearance with 4 people on board with some luggage? Did it scrap for you anytime.

        –> Clutch judder seems to be there. Also the clutch seemed to me a bit heavy.

        –> Performance of aircon? Ofcourse we will have to get actual test done in summer.

        –> Rattles from glove box or steering column? I found some in the test drivr vehicle.

        –> Brakes non ABS effeciency?


  29. Hi,
    Sorry for later reply . I checked “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” but did not received any email. Anyway Thanks @automate4u and @amit for your replies.

    I haven’t bought it yet. but I have finalized Elegance version, Dont want to buy car without rear power windows & ABS.

    BTW, All other companies are giving discounts (in TOI and local newspaper) Skoda is not giving any.. any news on that..??

    And In Surat, Gujarat, Fabia 1.2 Petrol price is 644407 Rs. ( On road price – including Skoda shield)
    644407 Rs. = 573680(x-showroom) + 31000(Shield) + 33370(RTO) + 1357(Muni.Tax) + 5000(Handling)


    • Amit Saini says:

      Its a new launch discount will only be offered after sometime .There are no discount on any vehicle which is recently launched.

  30. D. Biswas says:

    Dear A4U,

    Thanks for your neutral and very useful comments and advice. But so far I have not come across any detail road test review of Fabia 1.2 MPI in the net which I believe would have been very helpful for many Fabia enthusiasts like me. Pl. let me know if there is any.

    Nothwithanding, I am planning to purchase Fabia 1.2 petrol Ambiente for its sheer quality(in and out), comfort and space. As it has no music system but “After market audio preparation 1-DIN + cable + connector” as mentioned in the brochure. I would like to know whether I will be able to use a 2-DIN after market music system with Aux-in and BT.

    A prompt reply will be very highly appreciated as I want to book the car by tomorrow.



    • Amit Saini says:

      Yes ! you can get 2DIN system installed into the Fabia a Connector is provided in the Fabia which can be connected to some music systems other might require a different connector .i myself got a 1-DIN music system installed with BT and Aux Input and saw that there space for a 2-DIN system inside the dashboard.But you might need a different connector as the connector provided is compatible with certain systems only.

    • automate4u says:

      Even Iam not sure if such reviews are avialbale on net.
      But yes, they should be available in a few old edition auto magazines if you can get hold of one.
      If you have some doubts regarding engine performance you can see the VW Polo review, as the engine is same in both cars and weights are also identical.
      But regarding ride and handling performance I can’t guide you as I myself couldn’t get hold of a petrol one…

    • D. Biswas says:

      My sincere thanks to Mr. Amit and Mr. A4U for your comments. I have test driven three fabia petrol cars from three different showrooms and have got three different feelings. The first one was almost as noisy as old fabia and hence got very disappointed. The similar noise was absent in the 2nd test car but 2nd gear power seems to be very less though 3rd gear power seemed to be OK. The 3rd car performance seemed to be better but myself and my friend (who was there with me) felt that noise substantially increases at higher rpm. So, I am pretty confused about the engine performance and its reliability. Could anyone please share the experience about the new Fabia engine.
      Rear defogger/wiper mising in Ambiente model. Any alternative solution for this?

      Thanks and regards


      • automate4u says:

        Going by my experience with the Polo(having same engine), the power and pickup is decent, but not comparable with the petrol engine in Swift or Ritz. It cannot be termed exceptional in engine performance.
        As you have pointed out, the engine noise is significantly high in the petrol version of the car(and increases with rpm) over other petrol engines.
        And regarding rear defogger, there is no alternative solution as such, and if the other factors impress you in the car, this should be no reason for you to reject it.

      • Amit Saini says:

        I guess if you felt differently about the cars then it must be the distance each one has traveled ; the one that feels the best must have been carefully used or would have been driven the least.normally in india the TD cars are not very well maintained so they are not quite same as a new car .

  31. Hi,
    I am buying my first car, And as a geek, researching alot before buying stuff which I care about is my nature 🙂 . Anyway after Test driving Figo(D), Fiesta(D), Punto(D), Polo(P), i20(P) and Fabia(P) ..
    I have shortlisted i20 Asta and Fabia Elegance (P-Petrol) .

    Rejected FIGO(D) – Too cheap and fragile interior (just hold center panel (which got gear) and try to shake. Feel the silver plastic or Manual rear window roller .. too bad
    Rejected Fiesta (D) – Too old and out of budget , ANd dont have needs of Diesel
    Rejected Punto(D) – Interior, Rattling and bad TD experience.
    Rejected Polo(P) – After playing lot of car racing games, I decided to go for Polo before TD, but When did TD, I found that Its not for 5’11 guy and very uncomfortable position. and less roomy..

    Now its between i20(asta) and Fabia(elegance) petrol – price is almost same
    i20 + : USB, foldable ORVM, Climate control, Steering music control
    Fabia + : Best looking(yeah, I like Fabia look than over-sporty i20) , best build quality, handling and comfort
    i20 – : A.C. heard not so good at around 40 C, not so comfy suspensions, its not european
    Fabia – : After sales service horror stories, 3-cyln petrol engine, enough?,

    Actually after TD both twice, my heart/mind says Fabia.
    Can anyone comment on following ..
    1. Rear defogger / rear-wiper is it required for driving in rain? Can I add rear-wiper in fabia later?
    2. General Q: How to defog windshield (Front-glass)
    3. General Q: Whats the benefit fog lamps gives (in no-fog envrionment)
    4. Any other pro/con ?
    5. Why no one mentioned elegance? is it bad choice?

    • Amit Saini says:

      I also got myself the FABIA in OCT this year after its launch and i am also 5’11 ,so i also found the POLO short on space.

      1.Rear Deffoger / rear wiper helps cleaning the rear glass clean while driving during rain and dusty cannot be installed on the fabia as a afetr market fitment as it requires a lot of expertise and part .

      2. there is a option in the airconditioning control of the all modren cars including the FABIA and the I20, by which you can direct warm air to the front wind screen and defog it

      3.I bought a Ambiente variant which came without FOG LAMPS .bUT LAST WEEK I GOT FRONT FOG LAMPS installed from the dealer in GGN .They help in improving visibility during night driving and specially the FABIA fog lamps illuminate the sides of the road very well.Also the humangous look of the FOG LAMPS really improve the look of the Fabia even further.

      4.Resale value will be one down point of the the FABIA as compared to the I20.

      5.Elegance has only ABS ,REAR Power Windows,EBD and few other features which you can live without while the cost is about 80,000 more .

      Also TD the 1.6 Fabia , i have heard that its very good….

      One more thing the FABIA air conditioner is SEMI-AUTOMATIC you just have to adjust the temperature and it will switch on the A.C. to maintain the desired temoerature and switch on the recurculation mode switch when required by itself.

      To be very honest i also feel for the Front looks of the Fabia it was one fo the major reasons for which i went for it.Today i have completed almost 5,000 km and i LOVE it the interiors the ovrall touch and feel of the car cannot be compared to any other including the POLO.

      As per the A.S.S. i went to the dealership in GGN twice once to get the fog lamps installed and the second time for some minor noise comming from the door .both of the times they attended it in a very profesional manner.I have had cars from TATA, TOYOTA, GM, MARUTI and SKODA…I f i comare them in terms of Service experience i find that SKODA is comparable to the any other in the industry i dont know why there is such a negative sentiment about it and i am speaking from my own experience.

      Go for the fabia it is way supeior to I20 ….

    • automate4u says:

      First let us thank you for putting in your views here…it will be very useful for the prospective buyers….
      Regarding your queries,
      1. Rear defogger/wiper can be handy during rain, but not an absolute necessity. Only top end variants of most models come with these. But, you may not be able to add these in Fabia, as the provision for their installation might not be there as it is not available in top end version also.
      2. To defog the defogger you generally have an option along with the AC blower to direct hot air on windscreen(but Iam not sure how and where the controls are in Fabia(any Fabia user may please comment)
      3. There are absolutely no use of fog lamps in non fog environment and serve the purpose of enhancing looks.
      4. Most of the pros and cons are discussed in the comments below.
      5. There is nothing like a bad choice(elegance). It all depends on what level of features you want and how much you are ready to pay for it.

  32. Amit Saini says:

    Hi ! everyone have completed 4000Km on the FABIA and its keeping very well as of now .Also yesterday i got front foglamps installed in my anbiente variant and they completely change the look of the car .It improves the classy design to another level and i was plesently surprised about the cost also the lamp costs Rs.1900 each (excluding bulbs and other components .)I used to have a 2006 Indica which came fitted with FRONT FOG LAMPS those tiny ones costed 1,000 each when i went for a replacement afeter i broke one while driving and the quality is miles and miles ahead of TATA.
    As per the vibrations part i have check it that the vibrations are very well supressed and can be compared to any other diesel hatchback and very few vibrations filter into the cabin or the the clutch pedal or the sterring wheel .It can be compared to anyother deisel hatchback including SWIFT VDI which i used to drive earlier.
    I guess it is the engine noise at 3000 + RPMS that irritates sometimes.

    i love the way the FABIA makes you feel special and the A.S.S. is quite acceptable i did hear a lot ofnegative things about it ,but i have found it quite acceptable if i compare it to a TATA,TOYOTA,GM ,MARUTI A.S.S. as i have got cars serviced from these COMPANY OUTLETS .i dont know how it was earlier but i personally found it quite okay i would give them 7 out of 10 Marks.

    It really is a FAB CAR.

  33. DRG says:

    I have been driving a Skoda Fabia – Ambiente petrol for about a month now. The following are my “applauds and /words of caution” to those who buy this car
    For those who want to buy this car, I have a word of caution.

    This car’s build quality and materials used are amazing. You feel like travelling in a cocoon, fully protected.
    BUT one big let down is THERE’S NO LOCK IN FABIA. You cannot lock the doors.
    There’s a cetral locking button, you press them , there’s a click sound. you open any door from inside it opens.
    You can have your children, elderly people, it just opens. The thing you have to be happy is when you lock, no body can car jack you by opening your door and sit show the knife 🙂
    Infact we were planning to file a PIL on this safetly let down. Beware of this. I am not talking of desperation but so much of a deviation form standard expectations of Indian people. You want to feel secure when you press the lcok button in your car that kids or even elders do not open the door accidentally when the car is running. Just be aware of this before buying the car.

    • DRG says:

      The worst thing is none of the sales men explain about this DEFICIENCY that YOU CANNOT LOCK THE DOORS

    • D. Biswas says:

      Dear DRG,

      Hope you have found the solution of “Child Lock” of the rear doors of New Fabia already. Otherwise also, I feel you need not file a PIL as there is already a porvision in this regard in the car. In all the versions of New Fabia there is “Child lock” (manual of course) for rear doors though “Child lock” for rear windows is provided only in the Elgance model. On one of the rear doors (left side possibly) and near the door handle there is a tiny key slot in which you can insert your ignition key and turn to lock/unlock (rear doors) whenever necessary before closing the door. This operation along with the central lock button gives you the freedom to make the rear doors to be either locked or otherwise.

      Actually, the central locking in general case should ensure that it can’t be open from outside but should not be locked from inside so that doors can be opened by any passenger from inside in case of any exigency and Fabia is no exception.



      • deependra says:

        yes this is a big disappontment…every car has this feature..infact this is basic safety feature…no one even checks for it when buying a car…i have raised this issue many time to fabia guys…Mr. biwas can you tell us even a single car where this feature is missing???every other car door when locked from inside copens in two shots by pulling the lever, not in one shot like new skoda cars…older versions have this feature.then why did they remove in new versions???

      • DRG says:

        Dear Biswas,
        Thanks for your reply. Regarding child lock : I amand was aware of the feature for the rear doors.
        Remember there’s a huge lifestyle difference between westerners and indians. In western culture individual privacy is of higher importance and here in India it is way different.. Our cars / Cars those are sold here in India has to be made for us and not hand me downs from elsewhere.
        It is very common site to see parents driving the car with their wards sitting in front seat with pretty school uniforms getting dropped to and from school.

        I am reminded ,
        We had a car some time ago called UNO.. do you remember ? International best seller .. with an AirCon that had 7 heater settings and 2 for cool air :-). By being a material scientist and had worked in a science laboratories all over the world, i can appreciate the technology of the engine, injection valves used etc….. When it comes to living in India this is pretty unusable. Imagine travelling in Delhi during summer or in South India anytime during the year !.
        There are so many products you can count that went to oblivion..

        On contrary,
        Swift when launched came with smaller size spares, they realized their mistakes and replaced that with full size to all the customers during first service.

        What I would expect out of these kind of neutral review sites, is , Know about indian expectations and can write about the shortcomings as well.
        I am not saying there are no good features in Fabia, but along with good features people need to be aware of the otherside.. I am a typical value concious Indian though travelled widely, want to make informed decisions and care for my fellow living next door.

  34. naren says:

    @automate4u …

    One clarification – I meant abt exterior looks are not trendy wen compared to i20, ofcourse its subjective. I still agree exterior looks of fabia is good.

    Though I made up my mind, I still want to hear negatives of this particular model as it will guidance to others. This being a forum, we should encourage various views either on positive side or negative side of particular model.

    And finally I dont agree with other comment of its to early to guess FE of POLO model. Its been quite long tat POLO gt released nd used by many people :). So experts like you or other will already have those figures 😛

    • automate4u says:

      @ naren…
      extremely sorry for the mistake…
      i meant to say that about Fabia, that it was launched recently, but wrote it as Polo:P
      Just editing that comment…
      And regarding Polo FE, you should get an average of around 11kmpl in cities like bangalore. And you can expect similar figures for Fabia as well

    • naren says:

      Sorry for posting irrelevant question here.

      I have seen the launch of toyota etios sedan today. Seems its good value for money, though looks are not very attractive (looks are ok).

      I have one general question. Toyota claims ARAI tested mileage of around 17.5 KMPL.
      How much can we expect the real mileage in city given
      ARAI claim of 17.5 overall?
      Kerb weight being 915 kg?

      I understand we can’t come to conclusion, but can you guess based on ARAI’s test results?

      • automate4u says:

        It should come to around 11-12 kmpl in city driving conditions tentatively, similar to the Dzire.
        Please post the questions related to Etios in the Etios post or in A3 discussions page.

  35. Pratyush Thakur says:

    Drove the Fabia 1.2 Petrol Ambiente today.

    It was amazing experience. I had been researching for cars in the B+ segment for last 3 weekends. Considered a lot of options and test drove the following vehicles (in that order
    ) – Ford Figo 1.4TDI, Ford Figo 1.2 Petrol, Nissan Micra, Hyundai i20 Petrol, Fiat Punto 1.2 Petrol, Fiat Punto 1.3 Diesel, Fiat Punto 1.4, Skoda Fabia 1.2 Diesel, Skoda Fabia 1.2 Petrol.

    Every car has its own strengths and weaknesses. My prime concerns for deciding are:- Driving pleasure, safety, comfort and NVH. I was bit wary of the Skoda Fabia engine being a 3 cylinder one. However to my surprise it doesnt feel very noisy inside the cabin (at least i felt this way after driving all these vehicles). The built quality is amazing. It looks super strong and has got good safety features. There is no competition (except probably Figo) which gives both sides Airbags at this price point. (Rs. 5.2 Lacs on road in Gurgaon).

    Engine appears to be very refined and acceleration is linear and it never lets down. To my surprize I was feeling better acceleration than the Punto 1.3 Diesel. Handling too is good.

    Interiors quality is something which I was bowled over by. One may argue that I20 interiors are designed very well (starting the Sports version). But the quality (at least by appearance) did not give a very good feel. However, Fabia interiors look super quality. Boot space is very good as they have utilized space very well. 3 people can comfortably sit on the rear seat.

    I believe Skoda have done very well by keeping the important features (at least to my liking) in the car and bringing it at a very good price point.

    Go drive it and fall in love with the Fab Fabia.

    • Pratyush Thakur says:

      I missed one important point.

      I am going to book it next week.

    • automate4u says:

      a long list…wow…
      btw, can you tell in a bit detail why you rejected the other cars?say like the micra and figo?

      • Pratyush Thakur says:

        Figo – Interiors give a feel of a cheap car, not at all a premium hatch.

        Micra – A good looking car but the overall packaging of space in the interiors not very attractive. Further, I somehow felt the noise level to be high.

        Punto – 1.2 Petrol begs for more power, 1.4 petrol, I have my doubts on fuel efficiency. Poor interiors quality. I was about to finalise this one as I was awed by its looks but only until I drove Fabia. Fabia gives more value for money.

        i20 – Engine a big let down. Slightly higher priced.

      • automate4u says:

        thnks for the comments…how long is the waiting period for fabia?heard its around 3 weeks?

      • Pratyush Thakur says:

        I was told that the waiting period is 4-5 weeks. Anyways I want to have it in the new year.

      • automate4u says:

        oh…congrats anyways…enjoy…

      • Pratyush Thakur says:

        I would like to let you know that I never booked fabia. Even though I was in awe with the machine, my visit to Team BHP forum just terrified me with the potential problems I could have because of Skoda’s pathetic A.S.S. I have completely rejected the Skoda marvel because of this point.

        Now I am confused. I like Figo but interiors hold me back.

        I like i20 but the sluggish pick-up and reported problems of steering rattle and AC deficiency make me apprehensive. Can you please let me know if Hyundai has resolved the steering problem at its factory because I, being an automobile engineer myself, am wary of aftermarket retro-fit solutions.

        I like Jazz as well but price is a bit high. Not that I cannot extend the budget to that extent but will it be Value for Money. What is your take on the same?

    • naren says:


      Its been 40 days that face-lifted new fabia has arrived.

      Does any one have exact figures of mileage for ambience model – petrol?

      • naren says:


        Does any one have exact/actual figures of mileage for ambience model – petrol? Its like more than 1 month of its release, hope someone have factual figures!!!!

        I am in dilema between i20 and fabia and looking for city mileage of 12. i20 comes near to it, but not sure of fabia. I am more concerned with exact figures as old fabia doesnt have good FE.

        Thanks in advance

      • automate4u says:

        You can expect a mileage of 11-12 in city, quite comparable to i20.
        Old fabia had not so good FE, but the new car has a new engine and gives much better FE

    • kiran says:

      Team correct me if wrong

      Best boot space in segment
      Best Looks in segment
      Best deal in segment – air bags at low cost
      Best head lamps in segment
      Best Fog lamps in segment
      Best build quality in segment
      Best rear seats space segment

      • naren says:

        I have made up my mind to go for fabia :).
        But I also want to hear about negatives of it.

        I find few of them nd listed below:

        1) Resale value and ASS/ service costs
        2) Looks good, but not as contemporary as of i20

        Anything else ???? and Any comments?

      • naren says:

        Thanks automate4u for ur FE figures. But I hv a Q here.
        New fabia is using the engine tat of POLO and POLO is nt delivering FE of 10. I heard most of the time, its around 10 or less than it in Bangalore city conditions.

        Fabia being more weighter than POLO, can we expect 11-12 (more than tat of POLO) in city conditions?

      • DRG says:

        One more improtant thing..
        Have been driving a fabia ambiente petrol for couple of weeks.
        There’s nothing called lock in Fabia it looks like. You get into the car press the central locking button. There’s a click noise, open the driver/aisle door.. OOOPs it just opens.
        This is a big let down. Beware, you cannot afford to have your kid next while driving. Any answers from Fabia / skoda on this ?

      • automate4u says:

        You can expect the mileage of Fabia to be more or less similar to Polo, but yes, due to the higher weight it will be on the lower side. Iam not exactly aware of the on road figures of Fabia, as it was launched only recently and I feel it is too early to comment on FE.
        And regarding negatives, you cannot say the interior looks are good or bad, because the thing is purely subjective and depends entirely on the individual. But in the interior, the quality of Fabia is way ahead of i20.
        Also, since you have already made up your mind, won’t it be better to listen to only the positives now???

  36. Amit says:

    Hi Everyone ! i had brought a the new fabia 1.2 diesel ambiente on the 22 of the last month after cancelling my booking for a POLO diesel and today it has completed 2500 kms and i am very happy with it.First of all its a very spacious car and the interiors really pamper you with the various different textures of plastics inside the car .the top black part of the dashboard has a soft touch to it and the beige/ivory parts also feel built to last a lifetime.the car impresses me with a number of small features which really pamper the passangers like the glove box and the boot has a light , the central looking system can be used to unlock just the driver’s door or all the 4 doors.the sterring wheel is adjustable for reach and rake ,evertime you unlock the car the interior light is automatically turned on.both the sun visors have vanity mirrors.the speedometer has al lot of information and whenever you are low on fuel the low fuel indicator lights up with a very classy sound and everytime it come on i feel that ; such a high detailing has gone into providing this.the doors shut with a very reassuring sound evertime you close them.all these small details really make living with the car very nice ,it gives you a very feel good factor when you are inside the car and it really counts….
    I used to drive a SWIFT VDI since the last 2 years and it had clocked 60,000 kms before i sold it last week , but the fabia suspension is totally floored me from day one .its very very comfortable at any speed and specially at high speeds all the road imperfections are take care by a reassuring sound of the suspension.its sposrty ina way but its really comfy at any road and at any speed.
    i am getting a fuel consumption of 18 kmpl approx till now ,hopefully it will improve .
    one more thing that i have discovered is that the AIR CONDITIONING controls are SEMI -AUTOMATIC .they are the same ones that you get on the entry level LAURA.its not your regular run of the mill controls .you can set the temperature and the it will do the rest to maintain the desired teperature by switching ON/OFF the recirculation mode switch or the A.C was a feature the showroom guys also didn’t know about.
    i did visit a skoda workshoop for the fitment of the mud flaps , i was very sceptical about the service outlets as i have heard …that the are among the worst in the industry..but to my surprise the people at GIRIRRAJ MOTORS,GURGAON were preety efficent and fast .I AM REALLY HAPPY THAT I Didn’t go with the POLO and bought THE FABIA….
    will keep you guys posted as i clock more kms on the Fabia..

  37. Ashish Jain says:

    how is the resale value of skoda fabia 1.2tdi

    • kiran says:

      dude why u worry so much for resale, unless u gona sell it after 1 or 2 yrs

      If its 4 to 5 yrs it will be anyways matter of 20 to 30 k diff compare to say swift ..

      automate wht u say ?

    • automate4u says:

      ya…definitelt like kiran said, you cannot expect the same resale value you get for cars like swift or ritz, but it won’t be very low either…

  38. kiran says:

    Thanks to automate4u & all users who have posted good Qs & after reading all of them i got good idea where my desire to buy fabia stands, like others even i was in dilema of i20 & fabia. Just to give fig, spare part cost, door was 20K now it 7k. Does anyone know what would be cost for i20 for door ? shock absober 6k now 2k ..

    Now I read 1.2 MPI is more fine tuned than the Diesel version .. which is good for pertrol car buyers. so shall we see this car as a game changer in next few months ? No one talked about the boot space which is more than i20 ( its 315 L) , height is more than i20 so tall ppl will love it.

    Ground clearance is less than the i20 but the suspension is better ?

    I read the gear ration is linear than that of i20. Is it good feature ?

    Also in this segment the plastic is best for this car, it has nice soft one .. only high end lux cars will give it.

    Anyone knows the old 1.2 MPI eng details ? I know there was 1.4 as well … Now this new 1 is from Polo VW … then where the old came from 🙂 I wonder .. just curios ..

    The waiting period is going up for this car now so hurry !

    I really did not understand the price reduction .. why skoda was not manufacturing the part in india in past ? Wht happened overnight ? ie since Jun 2010 ..

    Let me tell i have done test drive & study of figo, ritz, i20 & fabia finally ..

    Not many ppl taking about the skoda shield here .. infact mee to reading the pdf given by vendor yet .. Looks good .. car will be cover for 4 yrs !

    i saw figo n fabia doing cost cutting by rear PW .. does it cost so much ?

    How much I will have to pay for Music system with usb connection & BT ?

    How i read here .. well i have joined the fabia team in facebook, they gave me this url ..

    Thanks in adv automate4u team

    • kiran says:

      All above studies for mid range version ..

    • automate4u says:

      well…too many questions in one go…anyways, let us try n answer…
      firstly, thanks for putting in all those figures…it will be of great use to all readers…
      The prices have come down quite drastically for most of the parts, thanks to the localisation.
      One thing i wouldn’t agree that much is that the petrol engine might be fine tuned, but i don’t feel it is still upto the levels of other petrol engines in the segment
      This is not a new engine, just the one VW has been using in polo worldwide
      The old fabia had a 1.2 l petrol engine and 1.4 l diesel engine. The new diesel engine is more powerful than the old one, though smaller in size
      I feel in figo, the lack of rear power window is absent not due to cost cutting, but the platform does not support it(not sure)
      You will have to pay around 8-9 k for a good music system and extra for the speakers
      Also what are the details you require regarding the old 1.2 l egnie?

      • kiran says:

        NP old is anyways i don’t worry much, yes but the Q was the old fabia was alos used to use the VW eng ?

        Can you also comment on the shock absorbers of the car ? Are they better than i20 ? The ground clearance is less than i20 for this car though. So is it good enough ? Does ground clearance is so big issue ?

      • automate4u says:

        The old Fabia engine is different from the one used in the polo.
        The ground clearance should not be that much of a problem unless you will be driving on harsh roads and extreme speed breakers, and 158 cm is less, but good enough for most conditions.
        and, for the feel of the suspension, both are good

    • automate4u says:

      this car lies in the B segment

  39. namrit says:

    I want to buy a new petrol car for under rs 5 lakhs
    My options are new skoda fabia , nissan micra , ford figo
    My daily travel is 30-40 kms Which car should i buy ?

    • automate4u says:

      please tell in detail what parameters you are looking for in the cars

    • automate4u says:

      micra has a declared FE of 18, 17 for fabia and 15 for figo.So on road, the figures would be mostly in the same order.
      Build quality and interior wise, i would rate fabia best. Fiog though seems a bit older, is well built compared to the brittle like Micra.
      After sales would be best for figo, followed by fabia and then last the micra.
      But since your travel is in the range of 30-40 km, you can look for a diesel car also

  40. Srinivas says:

    Had a test drive of new Fabia 1.2 Elegance(Petrol) and I should say it was great compared.I would like to know the mileage in city and highway conditions for this car.The sales guy says its going to give 14kmpl in city conditions.Is that true?
    And Is there going to be a difference in the Fuel efficiency between Ambiente and Elegance versions?
    After readings the comments in this section,new Fabia seems like a better option to me than the P’s – Polo and Punto.
    Thanks in advance for the advise.

    • automate4u says:

      The sales people always say you get high mileage. So do not go by their words. You can expect a mileage of around 11 in city driving.
      There wont be any noticeable difference in the fuel effy of Ambiente and elegance.
      Even if you are deciding on Fabia, I would always advise you to check out the other two cars as well and get a feel for your self before making the decision

  41. DD says:

    Hello Sir

    keeping my earluer query in mind ( ie My hight 6.1 feet)whcih option is better POLO TDI/New FAB TDI/I 20 CRDi.?
    What is the mileage of all these diesle models?
    Whose Mntc is low?

    I heard that Spares are coslty for FAB than I20 but can in forfit over all cost b’coz service interval is 15K KM in FAB than 5-7KM in I20?

    i am bit inclined for new FAB TDi ( but worried @A.S.S though there are 4 dealers in pune for Skoda.).POLO is quite conjusted for my hight so that option i am dropping is it fine??

    Pl guide me since i am totally confused !!!!!!!!

    • DD says:

      As per our earlier discussion with you & after going to the showroom of hyundai, i found i20 comfortable for my hight(6.1feet).I am planning for New FAB TDI middle version or I20 Magna CRDI.Either car i want to `use for min 8-10 yrs
      This will be my first car(yet i need to learn driving so obvious that i do not know a b c of cars),from your angle which wiil be better between these two from
      1)milege point view,
      2) Routine mntc cost
      3)spares cost and last
      4)Driving comfort

      Since i reside in pune currently minimum 4 showroom/dealers are available for each of these two cars.

      I need sincere advice from you b’coz more study making me more confused in this carchosing option

      • automate4u says:

        Both cars are equally good in terms of mileage
        Routine maintenance cost will be slightly higher for fabia and spares cost significantly higher, but may reduce as the localisation increases
        Driving comfort in Fabia is better than in i20

  42. Pradeep says:


    I have booked fabia white recently. I am looking for a good leather seat covers. Do you have any suggestions between skoda seat covers vs after market seat covers (like stanley).

    • automate4u says:

      If you are going for aftermarket seat covers, you would get much more variety and options to choose from, but the reliability issues are there unlike OEM seat covers. The Skoda seat covers would have most probably undergone some amount of testing in the factory unlike the other after market fitments, and would definitely have more life.

  43. naren says:


    I really appreciate the review and work done by yours.

    I am planning to buy petrol car under 6 lacs on-road price in bangalore, and confused between selecting new fabia ambient and i20 magna.

    Things I am looking for are:

    1) Good looks (both seem to be good)
    2) Good build quality (is i20 real bad when compared to fabia in this category)
    3) basic features like power-windows, music system, good AC … (fabia doesnt have music sys, but cheaper by 20k which I can use for buying music system)
    4) mileage – in bangalore city traffic (I heard fabia gives only 8-9 where as i20 gives 11-12, is this correct? )
    5) comfortable leg room in rear seat
    6) maintenance cost and resale value

    Which one do u suggest for me?

    • automate4u says:

      Both i20 and fabia are almost equal on mileage with the introduction of the new 1.2 l petrol engine in Fabia. The rear leg room is also almost similar in both the cars, but in terms of maintenance cost and resale value, the i20 has clear cut advantage over the Skoda Fabia.

      • naren says:

        Hi. Thanks a lot for quick response.

        whats ur taken on i20 vs fabia

        1) engine performance
        2) build quality (is i20 real bad? I heard fabia build quality is very good)
        3) AC – (some complaints n i20 )
        4) if we sell after say 5 years, hw much we can expect? rough estimate is fine (Assume bangalore car, ran like 40k km)

      • automate4u says:

        engine performance of fabia 1.2 is better tahn the i20 1.2.
        Build quality of fabia is better, but it does not mean that i20 is bad by any measure.
        You can assume you will get around 50% of the car price in i20 and slightly lower in fabia.

  44. deependra says:

    Hi i recently purchased a classic Fabia, one thing that i found missing in this was after you lock all the doors from inside it prevents them opening from inside thats fine, but one can open them from inside only in one shot(pulling the lever just once) unlike previous versions where it requires two shots to open the door, in first shot it will just unlock the door then in second shot it will open the door, but in new fabia it will open the door in one shot only, which makes it highly unsafe at high speed. I checked it with the dealers but they are saying this feature is not available in any of the new cars, even in new yeti. This is the basic feautue everybody expects, but is missing in thi car. Plz help if anyone has faced the same issue with their new fabia, how culd it be resolved.

    • Upendra says:

      Can you please post the interiors of classic version. Also please tell me how comfortable is the driver seat without height adjustment.

      • automate4u says:

        We are sorry…but we do not have pics of the classic version, but the main visible difference would be absence of audio system which is only available in elegance.
        Regarding seat height adjust, it all depends on how tall you are and how your visibility will be when u sit inside…

  45. DD says:

    Hi Expert

    I am confused between POLO TDI & New Skoda FAB(1.2 TDI).Since it will be my first car & i am 6.1feet talll. Which car is more suitable in terms of driving comfort for tall man like me .I hope FE & Mntc cost of both the cars will be more or less same only

    • automate4u says:

      For a tall person like you, I would not suggest you to go for Polo, because even an average heighted adult like me(5.10 feet) had problems adjusting in polo. (See the review on Polo for more details).
      But in any case, be sure to take a test drive of both as you might have slight problems in Fabia as wel.
      In terms of FE and maintenance cost, both the cars are quite similar.

    • DD says:

      Hello Sir

      keeping my earluer query in mind ( ie My hight 6.1 feet)whcih option is better POLO TDI/New FAB TDI/I 20 CRDi.?
      What is the mileage of all these diesle models?
      Whose Mntc is low?

      I heard that Spares are coslty for FAB than I20 but can in forfit over all cost b’coz service interval is 15K KM in FAB than 5-7KM in I20?

      i am bit inclined for new FAB TDi ( but worried @A.S.S though there are 4 dealers in pune for Skoda.).POLO is quite conjusted for my hight so that option i am dropping is it fine??

      Pl guide me since i am totally confused !!!!!!!!

      • automate4u says:

        i 20 would better fit your body compared to the other two and will have lowest maintenance too.
        The declared mileage of all cars are around 22kmpl and on road too you will get similar mileage for all three.
        Cost of service would even out due to the higher service interval, but the cost of repairs and parts will be higher.
        Don’t outright drop any model, if you are not taking a test drive, atleast you can go to the showroom and sit inside and just feel it once.

  46. Pradeep says:


    Even I am one confused guy to choose between Skoda fabia[Ambiente] Petrol, Swift VXI, I20 Magna. I test drove Skoda fabia recently and could not stop thinking about owning it. Luks wise and space wise its really awesome compared to other 2. But i have been doing RnD abt skoda and never came to see a good review about skoda’s after sales service [Whether its service station guys who charge high amount or Spare parts which costs high]. I want to make a choice cautiously as its my first car and i will own it for long time.

    Mileage wise i came to know all three are in the range of 10-13 in bangalore city. Is this true?

    Please do suggest if Skoda fabia is a gud buy?

    Thanks in advance,

    • automate4u says:

      The after sales service of Skoda is one of the most expensive. Swift will definitely be the cheapest to maintain as of now, followed by i20. The cost of spares and service will be more in the Fabia, though there will be less problems owing to its superior quality.

  47. abhishek srivastav says:

    Hi automate4u,

    I have a query regarding Skoda Fabia 1.2 L Petrol is it really worth the buy.

    I have seen a large number of negative reviews on the internet for this car.

    I am in a dilemma that whether these reviews are correct or not.

    Has the new model of Fabia petrol been refined for better performance.

    Please advise as this is going to my first car ever.

    • automate4u says:

      The new Skoda fabia is definitely better if you are comparing with the old Fabia.
      But I dont think you will be doing it, but rather compare it with other current models while purchasing.
      Comparing with other cars, the petrol engine in Jazz is the most refined(but may not be affordable). Next comes the K series engine in both Swift and Ritz. Then comes the Kappa engine in the i10 and i20.
      I would say both the K series and Kappa engines are way ahead of the 3 cylinder engine in Fabia and Polo, in terms of refinement.
      Performance wise too the performance of these cars are better than Polo and Fabia, except for i20 with 1.2l engine, which feels slightly sluggish

      • ANKS says:

        hi Automate,

        I am getting confused between Honda jazz and skoda fabia 1.6,my parameters are great interiors,decent perfomance,powerful AC,spacious,very reliable(as i will be doing lot of highway driving).

      • automate4u says:

        Honda Jazz is better than Fabia in terms of space, but the 1.6 l engine in Fabia would be better than the 1.2 l engine of Jazz in performance
        In all the other said parameters, the cars are almost evenly balanced.
        And in terms of interiors, it is purely subjective and it would be better if you can take a call yourself after seeing the interiors
        But the Fabia is definitely value for money(@5.99 ex showroom Delhi price) than the Jazz(7.13 Ex showroom Delhi price)

      • ANKS says:

        I am planning to keep car for a long term (atleast 6-7 yrs),so which will be better in the long term and resale value?
        Also if u can tell me is there any way to install USB port because there is no USB port in either of the car//

      • automate4u says:

        In terms of resale value, Honda cars tend to have better resale value than Fabia.
        You cannot install a USB port, but you can always use a Aux-in to USB connector if the car audio supports Aux-in

  48. Nishant says:


    I had almost made up my mind to buy the new fabia 1.2 classic petrol, as I think its real VFM. The car costs just 5.11 L on road in my city (chennai) I test drove it and feels really good. i dont care much about the other features (power windows, chrome tipping, keyless entry etc) not being there.

    Just when I was about to book it, few of my friends have warned me about crazy maintenance cost and expensive spares and have told me that skoda fabia is a rip off.

    The other options I have been asked to look at are the FIGO diesel Exi (5.57L) on road and i20 magna (5.72) on road.

    Im quite in love with the new skoda petrol but I wonder if the diesel engine of FIGO is a better deal or will i20 be a better car and Im also wondering about the re-sale price.
    I would use the car for a maximum 3 year period and people tell me that skoda has a real bad resale value.

    The main concerns I want to be addressed are:

    1.Do you think the annual cost of ownership / maintenance of the new skoda fabia 1.2 petrol would be drastically higher than the FIGO diesel or i20 magna . (please consider the fabia classic which im lookin to buy is 50 – 60k cheaoer than the figo diesel exi and i20 magna petrol already)

    2. the resale value I heard goes down by 60 – 70% for the skoda, as compared to the ford’s or hyundai’s. Is that true?

    • automate4u says:

      Cost of engine oil, spares etc of Fabia will be higher than the others but the service frequency is less in Fabia. So the cost effect will not be drastically higher(but higher of course)
      Figo should have the lowest cost of ownership among the three owing to low replacement costs, followed by i20.

      The resale value of both Fabia and Figo goes down pretty much, but not so much with the i20.

  49. Suman says:


    How do you compare the sound and vibrations inside the car, for fabia 1.2 TDI with Swift and Punto diesel.

    • automate4u says:

      Swift and Punto share the same engine but the Swift is quieter and has less vibrations than the Punto. Fabias new diesel engine is far more refined than the older diesel engine, but still not better than the Swift

  50. Chinna says:


    This site looks very good.. But still I am not able to decide to go with Maruthi swift VDi or Skoda Fabia Diesel, Can anybody help me to finalize with your comparisons between Swift and Skoda Fabia.

    Your comments are very valuable for me .

  51. DRG says:

    I went with a friend of mine for taking a test drive and also while booking.
    Currently I drive a Wagon R (old 4 cylinder model) and i would like to ask a question and post my observations
    (i) Look and feel inside the cabin are great in Fabia
    (ii) Build quality is very nice
    (iii) Good amount of safety features
    (i) Petrol Fab is more noisy compared to wagon
    (ii) There’s no remote fuel tank openor – which i find very useful.
    In fab i need to get out in petrol stations, open using the key.
    (iii) thigh support or the depth (from the back support till end of the seat) is lesser in Fabia.

    Question I have is I would like to upgrade myself with a sedan replacing this old one, I would prefer to have a diesel as i will be driving about 25 km a day and occasional (once a month long drive of about 100 + kms and once in 3 months long drive of abt 1000+ kms). My budget is around 8 L which one will be your choice. I would go for a car after 4-5 months. Can i wait for Etios or Fabia sedan or any other ?

    • automate4u says:

      Since your budget is 8L and you specifically want a diesel car, the options available are Manza Aura+(6.97), Dzire Zdi(7.08), Fiesta Exi(7.22), Linea Active(7.38), Fiesta Zxi(7.69), Linea Dynamic(7.7), Verna VGT(7.89)
      All the prices are ex showroom delhi and should cost you around 8l on road.

      If space and features is your main area of concern go for Manza, but the overall build quality and usability of controls is not that great.
      If you want good ride comfort and handling with decent space and features, go for Linea. But the interiors can feel a bit dull and of slightly low standards.
      Fiesta has become a bit outdated, but still it is the best ride and handling car available in this segment, with only Linea anywhere near.
      You can go for Verna just for the sheer performance of engine, but after slight turbolag. It would be just fun to drive.
      Dzire gives you most of the options found in other cars as well as good performance, but the only thing you may not like is the looks(again it is purely subjective).
      All the cars should give you good mileage in the range of 20kmpl and that should not be a concern.
      So, I feel now you can safely make your purchase decision, looking at what you want to have in your new car.

      Etios diesel would be a good option, but may take some time for launch after the petrol version, I guess(but not sure). Any way, the launch is just a month away and if you are in no hurry, you can wait to see that as well.

      • DRG says:

        It will be very useful to see a comparison of maintenance costs of comparable cars.
        Like I service cost for an average user yearly service costs.
        In the unlikely incident of a minor accident, what is the approximate amount i may have to shell out for painting touch up, replacement of bumper or change of oil per year for running of 500 km or 1000 km. May be I am asking for more, but these are not available currently and many of the “so called” auto magazines do not published un-biased reviews and do not point out the deficiencies

    • automate4u says:

      Regarding factors like engine oil change, the cost of oil change is very high in Skoda(Around rs 5000) compared to around rs 1500 in Marutis. But the service interval of Skoda is very high(15000km for first oil change, if I am not wrong).
      But the frequency of oil change in Maruti is higher.
      Regarding repainting costs and the cost of spares, the cost of work can be assumed to be atleast twice that of maruti cars.

  52. Ashish says:

    Hi Automate4u,
    Thanks for the write-up. It indeed gives a good insight to the new Fabia. The article proved to be a decider to me 🙂
    More than anything else, I have got smitten by the beauty of the car, and have finally decided to book it (Ambiente 1.2MPI). Though A couple of (important) things are missing, I reckon its still worth a buy.

    I’ve a few questions before I freeze my decision. I would appreciate if you could share your views on it.

    – I am pondering over is its 3-cylinder engine (whereas most of its counterparts have a 4-cyl engine); Would it prove to be a bottleneck in the performance?

    – As there is no integrated music system in the car, and the one that Skoda gives as an add-on does not have USB or BT support (and is quite costly too), please suggest me a good music system which goes well with the Fabia (considering the sound quality, durability, illumination-color, features, etc). I am a music freak.

    Thanks a ton.

    • automate4u says:

      3 cylinder engine won’t have any performance issues, but may have slightly higher vibration levels.
      Regarding music system, it would be better if you check out some of the ones available in the market yourself and decide by seeing the performance live.

  53. Amit says:

    Hi , i visited this site for the first time and i found it very informative and the advice given is actually useful.I had booked a POLO 1.2 DIESEL and was about to get the delivery by the end of this month.But still i went to a SKODA dealership for the new FABIA , i knew that both of them have the same engine and they come from the same stable.but the cars are poles apart they are as different as chalk and cheese .the first time i saw the new fabia i just feel for the looks…the front grill and those headlights with the new fog lamps simply look awesome …..they give the car such a grand look .the interiors are a class apart and the build quality is way better then the swifts and the i20.once you sit inside the car ; u get such a comfortable feel like you are sitting inside a much more expensive vehicle.the interior really feel good and feel as if they will last you a lifetime.the safety features of AIRBAGS also is very helpful in a front collision and as a passive safety feature gives you peace.
    i test drove the car and cancelled the POLO and on the 25th brough home a FABIA DIESEL 1.2 Ambiente , in silver.the engine is a touch noisy compared to the SWIFT VDI which i sold last week ,but the engine is very eager in acceleration and the gearshift is also pretty good.still i just cant stop admiring the looks and the interior of the car .
    so whoever is confused between both these cars ,all i want to say is FABIA is Safer,Effficent,Grand looking, and by a very long way better than the POLO in interiors and for to very large extent its feels like a bigger car to the POLO.

  54. ALOKE KUMAR GUHA says:

    Thank u automate4u,
    i visited yr site many cmments on new fabia but no mention of 1.6l petrol engine performance review also u told about diesel engine only.i would like to know more about 1.6 petrol performence (it must be ascorcher).REDGDS. ALOKE

    • automate4u says:

      there is no mention about the 1.6 engine performance because the vehicle was only available for display and not for test drive. As such I couldn’t try out the vehicle myself.

  55. nrk_jegan says:

    Hi automate4u,
    Good review of fabia. 🙂
    I’m new to car segment and planning to buy my first car.
    I’ve decided to go for Skoda Fabia instead of polo. But my concern is whether to book petrol or deisel car.
    Can you please help me in deciding to choose between 1.6 MPI engine or 1.2 TDI engine? Which one is better in terms of 60% City and 40% highway riding?


    • automate4u says:

      You need to go for a diesel car only if you are driving for more than say around 30-40 km per day. In that case you will break even in around 3 years time. So if you drive less than 30 km a day, better go for a petrol one.

  56. sallu says:

    If we compare fuel efficiency and maintainance cost, skoda fabia and i20, which is better.
    as over all package like comfort ,driving, space and look, which is better new skoda fabia or i20

    • automate4u says:

      i20 1.2 has a declared FE of 18.2 and 1.2 l engine of Fabia gives 17.2 kmpl in Polo.
      Space and comfort wise both cars are equally good and looks should be decided by you.

      • sallu says:

        Thanks automate4u, for the info
        I wanted to purchase i20 magna within 2 months, but after seeing fabia with new engine and chaeper price tag, i am a bit confused. Now i am more favoured towards fabia for the brand name of skoda.
        Can u please tell me about the maintanance cost difference for both cars. Are skoda parts much more costlier than hyundai i20. because , FE seems to be nearly same as quoted by. Dear sir please guide me.

      • sallu says:

        Sir all these i am talking about petrol engine only.

      • automate4u says:

        The cost of spares and service is lesser for i20 as more parts(60%) in Fabia are imported. So the cost of spares as well as time for getting imported spares can be quite high. But, since Skoda is planning more local parts in the coming time, so the cost of more parts should reduce soon.

      • Ashish says:

        One of the many reasons I didn’t go for i20 is its FE. The actual mileage makes a mockery of what they claim! I hope Fabia won’t disappoint me.

  57. dheeraj sharma says:

    Dear automate..
    Thanking you sincerely for anwering every query patiently and honestly.
    I booked Polo (comfortline – petrol) in Sep and expecting delivery in Jan 11. Meantime facelifted Fabia is launched and Fabia Ambient is offering additional airbags with almost equivalent features at similar price, which is the biggest safety factor in a car.
    Also Fabia’s interior quality and design are much better than what Polo has. Quality of plastic used in Polo is equally good but designing is monotonous. Fit and finish of Fabia dashboard is again much sophisticated and mature. In Fabia I did not see any flaw. In polo there are many I could see, with fit of door trim/moulding , driver’s viper can not be lifted to clean the windscreen and is vulnerable .

    Until new Fabia was launched I was impressed with Polo’s external beauty and quality. With facelift Fabia looks become bolder than the older one. Also I feel Fabia service engineers would be more skilled than the Polo’s as Fabia has been around for quite some time now and spares would be easilty available in comparison to Polo.
    I am already using SX4 Zxi from maruti and want to go for a european car ony. There is no point buying Punto Petrol – low efficiency, Swift petrol – low quality, Beat – small car, Micra- looks not acceptable, Figo petrol/diesel – bad looks, no bumbers practicall and cheap interiors, i20 petrol- cheap plastics like chinese toys.
    So please share your view neutrally for Polo comfortline and Fabia Ambient .

    • automate4u says:

      Feature wise both cars are same except for airbags, vanity mirrors and rear ac cooling vents in Fabia and rear power windows and split seats in Polo. So it is upto what features you are looking for. In terms of all other parameters, the cars are almost identical and looks are subjective, so it is for you to decide

  58. n gowrisankar says:

    Automate4u, thanks for the wonderful article. I’ve been looking for a impartial review on the new fabia. and found your article.. Thanks.. I’ve booked a new fabia petrol classic. My main intention is to drive it in city with couple of long trips per year on highways. Likely scenario is for self and another person in passenger side. And, I would like this to be drivable by both me and my wife. Though i have booked a fabia, I have three questions: a) Is this new fabia petrol BS IV or is it BS III compliant? b) When i read your article and the comments, i feel, it might be difficult for women to drive this. (rough on hard roads, etc.,) Are there any issues in this car, that makes it difficult for women to drive this car ? c) How is the petrol engine variant compared to its diesel counterpart ?

    • automate4u says:

      a.The new Fabia is BS IV compliant
      b. I don’t think there will be any problem for women to drive(you can re confirm it yourself at the dealer)
      c. Since you will be commuting more in the city, petrol engine should be ideal for you. Also it is much more refined than the diesel.

      • Gowrisankar says:

        Thanks a lot… I’ve decided to take the plunge and going for a fabia new… expecting delivery on 12th of Nov, 2010.. i hope to share here my experience on my first car.

      • automate4u says:

        Great to hear the news gowri…You are always welcome to share your experience here…

  59. sudheer says:


    This is an amazing site i have come accross till date,
    I am actually confused with the comparison made for Old fab ( 1.4tdi ) with new one. I own Old fab and now i would like to know did i make a better choice in getting old fab.

    • automate4u says:

      Both the new Fabia and the old one are better in their respective departments. You get more features in the old one while you get a more refined and more fuel efficient engine in the new one.Since you have already made the purchase, it would be better not to compare with the new one because it has its own positive and negative bits, and the more you get into the negatives, the more dissatisfied you will be

  60. Masarratiqbal says:

    I want to know about Fabia’s 1.6 engine

  61. Navneet says:

    hey guys,
    I am in same dillema in which pradeep is. I have booked polo comfortline in the month of august and my car is about to be delievered in november 2nd week or so.
    But my main concern is that I have booked my polo from Jaipur , and I am living at Jodhpur, where there is no dealer of volkswagen till date.
    Recently I saw advertisement of new skoda fabia and took test drive of it , and found nearly same to polo in terms of ride and handling etc. And now I am little bit biased towards fabia due to its overall value for money package as its ambiente model is having 2 air bags in it, and price is nearly same to volkswagem polo comfortline.
    But most important point which is diverting me towards fabia is it has dealership in Jodhpur.
    But my heart is going for polo for its superb looks, ride , handling etc.
    Should I take risk of buying polo without dealer at Jodhpur ?
    Plz reply… and clear my doubt.

    • automate4u says:

      In all cars other than Marutis and Hyundais, one main thing you should consider is the service network(Maruti and Hyundai has plenty of them). So having a service point closer will definitely be an added advantage as in times of emergency, you cannot go to another city of go to local service people for these cars. If you are so particular about the looks of Polo and badly want that car, then go for it.

      • Navneet says:

        Sir but polo’s 1st service is after 1 year , and in 1 year there is 90% chance that they will open dealer and service network at Jodhpur, which is second largest city of Rajasthan . Jodhpur is 300 km away from jaipur, and if anything bad happens I can go to Jaipur twice in a year.

    • automate4u says:

      then its pretty much ok.

  62. Sushil says:

    Hi Experts,
    I have budget of 4.5 lakhs,i already made my decision for Maruti swift LXI but with new Fabia in pictire I am bit confused…Please suggest for which option I should go…

    • automate4u says:

      There are ares where Swift is better than Fabia and areas where Fabia is better.
      It all depends on what you are looking for in your car. Please tell your expectations and then we can help

  63. Jaspal says:

    I am about to buy a new cal in diesel engine and test driven i20 and skoda fabia.
    i am too confused about what to chose features or built.

    The thing is that if i go for i20 i feel like getting the worth of my 7.5 lac spent with loads of features out of which some like rear wiper, defogger, usb support, climate control, steering audio controls etc are useful.
    But will surely miss the built quality of fabia.

    If i go for fabia i am not sure how will be the engine performance. as it is the new one.

    please give your verdict

    • automate4u says:

      Regarding features, I don’t think there is any need for explanation as you yourself have told all the facts. So now it is up to you to choose.
      Regarding engine performance, the turbo lag is high in i20 the engine has significant turbo lag, after which the performance is unmatched. Fabia is more linear compared to i20, but less in terms of performance.
      Also the NVH levels are very less in i20 compared to Fabia or Polo(same engine)

      • Jaspal says:

        Dear Automate
        Thanks for your reply but the terms(like turbo lag and nvh levels) you used are difficult to understand kindly explain in simple language and please give your verdict.

    • automate4u says:

      i 20 is a moderate in performance at low rpm, but the pickup increases drastically once it crosses a particular rpm. Skoda Fabia has less of this characteristic and pickup is almost linear.
      i20 has better noise isolation, vibration levels compared to Fabia

      • Pratyush says:

        I am also deciding between I20 and Fabia. I drive car mostly in city. I have found i20 to be silent but lacks the punch. Fabia has punch but has a 3 cylinder so probably more noise levels. Correct me if I am wrong. If at all noise level is higher in Fabia is it distinctively high? One of my main concerns is NVH.

        What do you suggest?

      • automate4u says:

        @ pratyush
        What you have said is correct when you compare petrol models, but in diesel, performance in i20 is better after the initial turbolag
        Noise level is distinctively high in Fabia compared to i20

  64. Ramu says:


    Is the new fabia build quality less than the old one? (both, the interior plastics and the overall body)

    • automate4u says:

      The build quality is as good as the old one and the car looks pretty much the same, except for some features which have been deleted, and some new ones which have been added

  65. A newbie says:

    Hello automate4u,

    I have a confusion of going for older Fabia or newer one. I booked old Fabia Classic on 2nd October, 2010. Now, after the launch of new Fabia, the dealer is giving me opportunity to shift to the new model so I am confused whether to shift to new one or sticking with older one. The reason being, I found the features offered in new Fabia Ambiente are lesser than the older Fabia Classic. Here are the differences I found.
    Features present in old Fabia classic but missing in new Fabia ambiente.
    Price – 5.49 lakh on road
    Wheel type – 185/60 R14
    Skoda Music system
    Rear wipers
    Rear defoggers
    Ground clearance – 146 mm
    Interior – gray
    Rear power windows
    5th passenger seat belt
    Seat belt pretensioners
    Old look, engine

    Features present in new Fabia ambiente but missing in old Fabia classic.
    Price – 5.38 lakh on road
    Wheel type – 175/70 R14
    Body colored mirrors and handles
    Height adjustable driver seat
    Ground clearance – 158 mm
    Interior – dual tone
    New look, engine
    Vanity mirror with cover in front sun visors

    Now, compaing with new Fabia, I am getting many features in old Fabia but the only thing which makes me interested in new Fabia is dual tone interior, new look from front and new engine.

    Could you please help me decide?

    • automate4u says:


      The old Fabia is definitely more feature loaded compared to the old one, but these extra features like rear power windows, rear defogger and wiper, 5th passenger seat etc are not the kind of ones which you will be using regularly(again it depends on your usage an no of people you generally have in your car).Yes the music system will be missed, but you can always go for a good music system as aftermarket fitment. The old Fabia also had a terrible record with decent speed breakers and that is why the height was increased.
      Also you are getting a new engine which has a certified FE of around 17 unlike the previous one which had an FE of around 12(petrol). So your running costs will also be less.
      So I would always suggest you to go for the new one, but the final call is yours depending on your usage.

      • A newbie says:

        Thanks for your reply, automate4u.
        Regarding the music system, I heard very good reviews. And being a Skoda music system, it will cost minimum 25K if I buy separately. Also, spending close to 5.5 lakh for a premium hatch and not getting power windows, is making me reluctant to go for it. The rear passengers (mostly my parents and sister) will not get feel of a premium hatch. Also, regarding the wheel type, I got to know from a couple of friends that wheels of 185/60 R14 dimension will give better grip on roads than 175/70 R14 while driving on high speeds, no?

    • automate4u says:

      that is exactly what I was saying. The presence of rear power windows etc is good only of you carry more people around, and if you are so particular for the Skoda music system, better go for it(i don’t think you can purchase a Skoda music system even if you pay 25 k, but as I had said, you can always get a better one after market at around 8k, only that it won’t look like a factory fitted one).
      Regarding tyre grip, for 185 tyres will have better road grip, but it can affect your FE as well.

  66. Sanchay S says:

    Hi All!

    Thanks for the much needed feedback of the performances of the new hatches.
    Please help me with the decision – i20 / Polo / New Fab…..?
    I found the i20 stuffed with features, however, the cabin feel is very cheap and doesn’t give me the go ahead to spend close to 7L/- for something like that. Also the petrol engine responds like a diesel one and can sense the drag to start off with.
    Like the Polo but not sure i can wait 3 months for the delivery….esp coz i crashed my last Maruti and am carless right now.
    Fabia, intend to go and check it out tomorrow, need something that drives well, is trouble free and feels like a premium hatch to say the least!

    Thanks ….

  67. Manish says:


    One of the very first ‘actual’ (ie after a test drive) reviews, i must say. Like Pradeep above, I too have booked a Polo in mid Sept and am awaiting delivery. But Fabia has once again managed to distract me.

    I am seriously considering canceling Polo and going for Fabis (1.2 Petrol, Classic). My main requirements, safety and FE. Since Fabia is 1.5 ton compared to POLO’s about 1.0 ton, surely the FE will be lower for Fabia.

    Also, the another major difference between VW and Skoda is A.S.S. – though, after the spate of Polo incidents, i am not sure which is worse!

    My 2 cents.


    • automate4u says:

      Hi Manish,

      You have got the figures wrong, I should say.
      Polo Highline variant weighs 1055 kg and Fabia weighs 1070 kg

      The 1.5 ton figure you are talking about is the Gross Vehicle Weight, which is the maximum load carrying capacity of the car, including the weight of the passengers and luggage as well. So you should compare the Kerb weights for all purposes.

      Also, the engine being the same, and similar weights, the FE should also be similar(17.2 kmpl declared for Polo)

      • Manish says:

        Thanks automate4u, for the info.

        Though, I did ‘feel’ Fabia (1.2 P) to be heavier, after test driving it today back to back with Polo(1.2 P). Both comparably good to drive, decent pickup etc.

        I really want to go for the Fabia, owing to its Airbags, built, leg space (sensibly liberated by reducing boot length vs Polo) etc but Reliability and A.S.S are scaring me – especially since for Skoda Shield, I will have to fork out 25k per year. Confused. Should I wait for a couple of months for user reviews etc?

        Other points:
        *The rear AC vent in Fabia is almost useless – it’s on the floor, horizontal and throws air at your feet only.
        *Surprisingly, the Skoda dealer quoted only 20k for registration in Delhi compared to Polo’s 30k. (What actual road tax etc in Delhi, any idea?)
        *SP shared Fabia’s spare part pricelist which shows reduction in prices vis-a-vis pre-June’10 prices.
        *SP claimed Fabia has heavily localized now, hence is and will be cheaper to maintain – not sure how true. Will sharing of assembly, engine, gearbox etc with Polo have any upsides for Fabia?


    • automate4u says:

      …and regarding safety, you can check out the stats given in the following page

    • automate4u says:

      I don’t think you can get any serious user reviews on the car quality just two months after launch, and these reviews will only add to your confusion.
      The spare parts price would have definitely come down because the parts, earlier imported from Czech would be made locally and would be much cheaper.
      And sharing of engine and the like with Polo will also bring down the cost of production and ultimately makes the car cheaper to own.
      Go for what your heart says…the more you think over these issues, the more confused you will be.

  68. automate4u says:

    Punto is one of the best ride and handling hatches available in the country…
    It is superb on all kinds of road surfaces, but in Fabia, on rough roads, it tends to be a bit hard and you get to feel the impact more than Punto. However in good highway roads, both cars are equally capable.
    In handling department, the Punto feels supremely stable and responds precisely to the steering inputs. The road grip feel is also better in Punto.

    • Pravin Pisolkar says:

      This your comment (October 15,2010 at 5:55 pm) is in contrast to your comment on October 14, 2010 at 11:15 pm.So,which one should I follow?

      • automate4u says:

        Here I am talking about Punto’s ride and handling, while in the previous post I was talking about engine performance. There is no contradiction in this.

  69. Sreehari says:

    Thanks Automate4u,

    Can you throw more light on the handling, steering feedback for both Fabia and Punto. I have driven punto 75bhp and earlier generation fabia diesel both cars behaved very well hence this leads to a bunch of confusion. I would like to hear more from you.

    Thanks in advance,
    Sreehari S

  70. Pradeep.Rao says:

    The prices given above are a bit confusing to me.

    Ive got the Price List from the AutoBahn Mumbai Showroom which states the following..

    Fabia Petrol 1.2 – Classic ( Base Model )

    Ex Showroom – 440,212

    Fabia Petrol 1.2 Ambiente ( Mid Variant )

    Ex Showroom – 493,026

    Fabia Petrol 1.2 Elegence ( High Variant )

    Ex Showroom – 578,566

    Thanking you,


    • automate4u says:

      These were the prices given by Skoda at the time of launch and are currently displayed in their website.
      These prices are indicative only and only the dealer will be able to tell you the exact showroom price

  71. Pradeep.Rao says:

    Well thanks for the reply. Basically this will be my 3rd car and would be used only for 18 kms daily with 3 people on board. Soo for sure this car would rarely be used on open highways.
    Soo basically a car with good city drive-ability should do the job for me. Ive driven Nissan Micra, and honestly liked it better then Polo/Fabia in terms of city driving. Quite smooth, rev happy engine and quite easy to drive compared to Polo. But then the interior fit/finish and the quality is no match to the POLO and hence Ive zeroed down to Polo/Fabia.

    I agree with the above post, Fabia is a feature packed car when compared to Polo. Soo basically, as you said – both these cars might end up giving me the same amount of fuel efficiency and it boils down to my own decision.

    Guess, Ill stick with the Vw Polo this time around – thou I will be going for the testdrive ( Skoda Fabia ) today or tmrw before I really write off the Fabia…

    Thanking you,


  72. Pradeep.Rao says:

    Hey a very neat write up there. Anyways, Ive been following Team BHP over the year’s thou never really got accepted as a new member! Lol..

    Anyways, I’m really stuck up with a big dilemma here – Ive always loved the Skoda Fabia but never really wanted to cough up close to 8lks for an hatchback. Ive recently booked myself a VW POLO 1.2 Comfort Line ( Petrol ) and I’m expecting the delivery like in another month or so..

    As said, being a true fan for Skoda Fabia – I was really tempted in buying the New Skoda Fabia ( Ambiente ). I consulted quite a few people here, and they all saying – Just stick to the VW POLO as its much better the Skoda Fabai.

    Im really confused as of now, I really dont mind buying the New Fabia compared to the POLO as the waiting period is huge! I booked my POLO like in the month of September (Mid Sep) and expected date of delivery is Nov End. I really dont mind shifting to Skoda after withdrawing the booking amount from the VW group..

    What do you guys think? Is the new Fabia worth the hype which I am giving, or I just simply stick to my POLO…?

    My main worry is the fuel efficiency, and the after sales/service..! Will they both match each other, as they have the same engine or will they differ in fuel efficiency and maintainability ??

    Im really confused! As, I’m not a member in TeamBHP – I really had no good people commenting on my query…

    I look forward for a positive reply from this forum…

    Thanking you,


    • automate4u says:

      Both the cars are similar in many aspects, being from the same parent company.
      The engine is also the same and so is the performance(also FE should be similar). The prices are also comparable.
      the overall quality and maintainability should also be similar.
      So it all boils down to the features provided in both cars.

      The additional features in the Polo over the Fabia are rear power windows and split rear seats.

      The features in the Fabia over the Polo are Dual airbags, rear ac cooling, 4 speakers, electrically adjustable front windows and a 3 way adjustable parcel shelf, which is at least 3-4 times more expensive than the additional features given in Polo over Fabia.

      So the Skoda is definitely much more feature packed than the Polo.
      But, in terms of ride comfort and steering feel and handling and gearshift, Polo is definitely the better.

      Now it is up to you to decide what are you looking for in your new car…
      If its ride comfort and better handling, go for Polo; or if you want value for money features, go for Fabia

  73. Sreehari says:

    Very good review Automate4u!!!!. Saw your comments on TeamBHP. I am a fellow Team bhpian too. I have a question like how would you compare the New Fabia diesel with the Grande Punto 75bhp one?

    • automate4u says:

      The Fabia diesel has got a new diesel engine(1.2l), that is same as the Polo’s. Though the capacity has come down, it more than makes up with its enhanced performance with a power output of 75 bhp and torque of 180 Nm compared to the previous car’s 65bhp/155 Nm
      Going by the specs, I feel in terms of performance, the Fiat engine is superior to the one on the Fabia. But, in reality, the better lower end in the Fabia makes it punchier while the diesel engine(75hp) in Punto is not that great. Also, the new engine is far more refined compared to the previous 1.4 lt engine and makes far less noise. The vibration levels are also less in the new car, especially during starting.

      To add to that, the car quality of Skoda is much better compared to Fiat(the Punto petrol we have has so many broken bits in just a year). And, the service quality is also better in Skoda compared to Fiat. And the skoda quality hasn’t come down a bit. So I would always suggest you the Fabia over Punto

      • Vikranth says:

        Hello automate4u,

        Thanks a lot for all your inputs and suggestions, very helpful!

        Im planning to buy a Fabia Ambiente 1.2 MPI Petrol, however pretty much concerned about the service , maintenance cost and resale value.

        I hold a Wagon R for the last 5 years and my maintenance cost has been less than 5k per year. My driving is very limited and I drive hardly 15 km per day. Understand from your reviews that though the maintenance cost for Fabia is more, the frequency for a service request is relatively less. Considering my usage do you still feel that I would have to incur more maintenance cost for the Fabia.

        Please let me know your views.

      • automate4u says:

        Even if you use the car only that much, Fabia will definitely cost you higher for maintenance. Also, replacing parts in Maruti is a lot easier and cheaper than a Skoda

      • vishwanath says:

        Hello, automate4u,

        i am vishwanath from karnataka ,i booked a SKODA FABIA AMBI petrol ( white), and got to be delevered on 24 th of this month ,please help me to get your tips about your FAB i have read all yor posts on http://automate4uom/2010/10/13/15/ , and i was pleased to ask you for the better answer ,

        i looked the car and i was impressed , i got a test drive of 11 kms , that was nice , and i also done a test drive o i20 also on the same yesterday , but i choosed the fabia to be my car

        as i booked ambi model of fabia

        i was really missing of FOG lamps , i asked the dealer about the price and he said for fog lamps , i need to pay 16000/- rs is tis is correct , i read that you posted some 9000 rs for fog lamps are thay are genuine or other brand?, if it is correct then how i have to approch with them ,


        and i am missing alloy wheels also , so i am gioing crazy about alloys , my dealer qouted the price of each alloy is 4500 rs , and he buyback the present wheels for some 3000 rs , is it justifible , to buy alloy , can we get even cheaper alloy in market ? for fabia, if yes , the how to choose the good quality alloy , please help me ,


        in ambi modle , the interior handles on sealing one is present and other are are not provided , in elegence all 4 handels are there , is this true that in ambi , why other three are missing , how to get those , or i need to pay for that ?

        4 , in my car there is no music player , so ineed to by a good player only front speakers are present , i want to add another two at back , if possible woofer also , so can you give the idea for good audio system , under 15 K ,

        seat covers for 4000 rs fabric covers , is this OK or much thay said ,

        one last question , i want thise top bars used in yeti model for fabia also ( airodines ) some what this i dont know what thay are called, can you give me the idea , where to get for fabia , and assembled , is there any warrenty void for this , i need to talk this issiue with my dealer , whay is your suggestion ,

        please guide me bro about these ,as want know all these things becouse , i wat to preapre myself for fun and enjoyment ,

        your new ” FRIEND ”


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